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Chest Development

For years I have been on a college football workout and now that I have served my four years have become more interested in appearance rather than pure strength. That being said, I am somewhat a veteran of weightlifting but am looking to use the knowledge some of the rest of you have of bodybuilding - something I have very basic knowledge of.

First of all, I’m not looking to get into bodybuilding, rather I’m just looking to improve my build somewhat.

After the conclusion of my last football season, I started working to loose some weight. I had gotten up to about 280-285 (I’m 6’1). I have now gotten down to about 225-230. Overall, I’m pretty happy with my body. I wouldn’t mind losing another 10 or 15 pounds, but that’s not nearly as big of a deal as the first 50 or 60 I lost.

I did a good job losing the weight as I moved down to the 105kg class in Olympic Lifting (I compete, although not regularly anymore) and my weights actually went up after a month of or at that weight. Sorry for the long intro, I just thought this might be useful.

Basicly my question is that I am looking to improve my overall chest development. Although I don’t have “bitch tits”, I feel like my chest is way behind the rest of my body in terms of leanness. I do plenty of chest work in my workouts, so I don’t feel that simply increasing chest work is the answer. Right now I’m lifting 4 times a week and doing moderate cardio 3 times.

Are there any body building tips that could help this problem or is it just a matter of slowly getting my body fat % down even more? BTW, don’t know what my BF % is, but I’d guess it to be around 12%. Again, sorry this is kinda long, but every post I read where someone has a question like this, they usually get bitched out for not providing enough info.

Work on dropping bodyfat… no matter how much muscle is on your chest it won’t show under an inch of fat. My chest is one of the harder areas for me to get fat off of as well. However once I do I’m pretty pleased with how it looks.

I guess I don’t really know what I was expecting in the form of an answer, but I was afraid that was about all anyone was going to tell me. Anyone else have some advice/words of wisdom?

Bighog is right.

You can’t spot-reduce an area of your body, but you will lean out in certain areas first, and other areas will lag behind in leaness.

So just keep going.

Thanks, I realize you can’t spot reduce…I guess I’m just getting fustrated and was hoping for a good idea.