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Chest Development?


Well I need a good chest program that will pack some mass on my chest. I'm doing the superhero program right now, and it should be over in 6-8 weeks. Well I don't really give a shit about gettin ripped for summer, so i'm just gonna keep eating big and get my bang for my buck. I'll be doing sprints 2x a week to keep a little lean. Anyways, I've tried searching for some programs for chest specific, but can't find one I really suck at this search engine. I thought CT had a program, if anyone could direct me to the link I'd be greatly appreciative.


You can do an adaption of GVT on just yer Chest.


dont know if this is what you were referring to, but the perfect 10 program principles could be applies to chest development , as CW does for an example..



Hmm, German Volume Training?

How have you found it in terms of gains?

Also, I'd say i'm intermediate/advanced lifter, with about 4 years experience. If it's any info.


No offense, but if you have 4 years experience why don't you design your own program?

That's a shitload of experience dude. But if you're not confident to do it, get a personal trainer.


Well, I have pretty much trained that way for a while, but I'm looking for something different. No offense taken, you are right.