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Chest Development


i want to know if it is possible to develop certain areas of the chest by using different exercises, i am having trouble with my upper inner chest. many people say no just stick to heavy lifting and whole development will come and others recomend cables with a squeeze or dumbbell flies or something of the sort....at the moment i am just sticking to heavy lifting (for me) with dumbbell and barbells...


in "professor X: a request" professor X talks about how he fixed his lagging upper chest. don't be afraid to use the search button and read the stickies


Test it. I feel different areas of my chest the day after I do specific exercises. You wont find much research to back it, but a lot of people will say this.


Seems like you're a strength guy who wants a little more even development. This is my approach, also. My second pressing movement on bench days is incline bench and I do pec deck/cable flyes for supplemental work.

It's slowly working and I don't have to lose any flat bench progress.


I would play with different exercises until you find something that works. I would suggest incline pressing/incline cable flyes.

Whenever I am working on a lagging body part, I will use moderate volume at a high frequency. So, If you hit chest on national chest day (monday), you would include some incline work with your regular protocol. Say your next chest day is friday or saturday, then I would hit just incline on wed or thurs. I'm not talking about much volume, but more of what Thibs' would call an activation workout.

I've found this works best with your normal weights, but very few reps. You should finish feeling energized, and come back stronger on your next full session.


Do you actually have a foundation of overall mass?

Is this actually a muscular weak point that needs to be corrected? When you look at a picture of your chest does it look like a normal chest or is there actually a glaring difference in proportion?

I think a big part of it is just having enough pec mass to overflow to that region, since the muscle isn't really concentrated there


I agree, post a picture here so we can actually assess what is going on. Chances are if you weigh less than 3 pounds per inch and arent fairly lean it really isnt an issue.

Of course hit the chest from a variety of angles, but unless you are well developed and lean enough to actually see a lagging upper chest, its not production to focus on it.


chances are, your pectorals are small in general.