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Chest Development Problem


My lower outer pecs seem to be much more stubborn than the rest of my chest. The area isn't tight, but looks more flabby when I'm not flexing.

Dips, decline presses, and flyes are in my routine.

Any suggestions other than eating more and training harder

I also illustrated it on the picture


Do you have any lingering gynecomastia?


if your not flat benching your wasting you time doing things like decline press,

if that doesnt work, which it prolly will
it might be genetics, not everyones gonna look like an underwear model, even ripped as shit,

try dumbell press too,

how long have you been training for?


I don't get this. I'd like to see a picture of you to see the picture more clearly. You basically just seperated the chest into 4 different parts. If there is an outer lower there must be an outer higher, inner lower, and inner higher. While the pecs are a fairly large muscle group, I don't think it's possible to target such a specific area. Probably just genetics.


Kinda looks like you have pec implants. Hard to tell from the picture though.


How much do you weigh, and at what height?

How much are you lifting on your key chest exercises compared to 6 months ago?

Are you just FAT?


It looks like you're looking for more outer pecs than lower, and really the flabbiness is probably more to do with bodyfat than muscle - do you feel a pec line and not see it?

Keep the Dips and the Flys, I'd drop the decline presses myself and switch to flat or incline. What weight are you using on your exercises, I only ask because someone benching 225lb for example is wasting their time with 30lb flys like so many do, use some heavy weights on those suckers and make sure to lean foward on those dips.

My favorite routine that gave me the best results like you're after was:
Seated Med-X Press
Incline Barbell Press
Flat Dumbbell Fly


I'm 18, been lifting for 3 years and seriously 2 years.
I weigh 185 and am 72 inches tall. I recently started using dumbells over BB's. I did 160x10 with the BB's and now I do 65's with the DB's. I'm 10% bodyfat so no i'm not fat. From 6 months my bench has increased about 20 pounds.

I use 40's for 12 reps for my DB flys and have been progressing on them. What did your rep ranges look like on that workout Tomato?

May be a chest specialization program?


To be honest, it sounds like you are just weak on your chest movements, not to mention not very heavy for your height.

And 20lbs of progress in 6 months? No offense but I am doubting how intensely you are actually training.

My advice is to gain weight regularly, and follow a simple strength template, and just be patient. You don't have enough muscle on you right now to have pecs like the guy in the picture you posted.

You don't need any chest "specialization", you dont need a special exercise to focus on a special part of your chest... YOU NEED MORE OVERALL MASS.

If you still have this problem when you are 230lbs at your same bodyfat and benching 300+ pounds for reps, I would be very surprised.


I wouldn't worry about a specialization program per se, just really concentrate on doing your chest exercises in good form and as heavy as you can. I'd probably go back to Benchs with a bar myself and dumbbells as well. A good sample would be:

Barbell Bench Press
Incline Dumbbell Press
Flat Dumbbell Fly
Incline Barbell Press
Flat Dumbbell Press
Incline or Flat Dumbbell Flys

I prefer the second one myself, but the point being that you are getting a heavy barbell exercise, a heavy dumbbell one, a dumbell fly and dips with either one.

Just focus on lifting heavy and with good form, and make sure you aren't doing too much frequency or volume, and make sure you are doing enough intensity and frequency, etc. Basically if you can work chest every other day, in my opinion, you aren't intense enough, and if it takes more than 5 days to recover than you are doing too much volume or intensity.

Stick with it, at 185 at 6' you aren't a slab of mass, but you can have well-developed chest muscles, but I'll bet that by sticking with it and getting about 10-20lbs of mass you will be quite happy with your development.


Also consider lower reps like 6-9 and see how that treats you. Also consider the picture you gave as an example, besides that guy needed some upper pec development, he has quite a bit more mass than you could have at 185. Something to consider with your goal.


I did chose a bad picture but I was just was trying give an idea

I'm gonna begin your second program and work on making my overall chest strongeras well as bump up my calories

appreciate the help