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Chest Crack?


Working out last night, pushing max weight on flat bench. Second rep I heard an audible pop in my sternum. Buried myself with the weight at that point. When I got home I stretched and again heard and felt a crack in my sternum area. The pain isnt too bad constantly but I can hardly do a push up now as the pain intensifies with any applied weight. Has this ever happened to anyone? I am halfway through a cycle and do not want to stop short of my next goals. Maybe a simple pulled muscle pain or something? Maybe more, experience needed.... Should I get this checked out or just drive on?


yeah it happened to me

...about 30 times today alone.

you just started lifting, its common, youve just never experienced it before.


That shit feels so good...especially when you're at the office and need a good stretch. Try doing some dips now :slightly_smiling:


used to happen to me all the time when I did dips


Did anybody else catch he is "halfway through a cycle"?


guess i glanced over that part.


dont worry though its probaly just creatine


It sounds like a problem that I get frome time to time.

See if this sounds like what you're experiencing.


Definitely have bro-It still happens from me from time to time if I am yawning with my arms out-Scares the hell out of me every time


The only significance of me saying I am halfway through a cycle is that I cant afford to really stop lifting unless I really have to. You may have nailed it imhungry sounds exactly right. I havent had it checked out at all yet but its not going away. I figure I will give it a week to see if it gets better...


Most likely Costochondritis. I have this chest popping sound also, one day the cartilage inbetween my breastbone was stressed somehow (emotional? gym? don't know) and it was unbearable. I had a hard time rolling out of bed. Barely could do a pushup like you without discomfort. I went to the hospital thinking I had some serious issues. Yet they told me about the cartilage moving around in the middle.

They just gave me some motrin and told me to rest it off. I think dips were the culprit that irritated it the most. Stopped doing them and I've never had that weird shit happen again. So I suggest just take some motrin and not do anything that will stress your chest for a while. They told me it could take a couple weeks to feel better. Take this time and work on you back and legs lol.

So I suggest doing that and if it doesn't help go see a doctor lol.


that sounds horrfying! ..but also sorta nice :stuck_out_tongue: like a good thumb pop.

now i'm jealous.


i like doing it, it feels good. especially right in the morning, all i have to do is turn my neck and crrrrrrsh


I've dislocated a sternocostal joint before with dips.

If it doesn't go away in a couple days see a manual therapist.