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Chest Contact


Hi. First of all i have to excuse for my bad english. So, I just started a new training program, and as usual, i can't get any contact in my pecs. This is the chest and shoulder workout i'm doing:

Activation set for the nervous system; Military press, 3 reps, 40% og 1RM, 4 sets, 30s rest between sets.

Military press,3-5 reps, 5-7 sets, increasing the wheight on each set until technical failure is reached. 30s rest between sets.

Incline Bench press,3-5 reps,5-7sets, starting with the wheight i ended with in the military press, increasing wheight each set. 30s of rest beteen sets.

Bench press,3-5 reps, 5-7 sets starting with the wheight i ended with on the incline bench press, increasing wheight until techical failure, 30s of rest between sets.

If i want to get more contact and put more stress on the pecs, how do you recommend me to do? I thought of two days of chest every week, instead of one? Do you think that i could improve the muscle contact by doing neural charge exercises for the chest every day?


If you want more mass in pecs, do flys and / or peck-deck machine after your benches. Take this from a guy who couldn't build his pecs at all without adding flys. After you start gaining mass, you will have better muscle-mind connection to your pecs and can stimulate them better doing basic benches or dips.


I would keep adding volume and weight in the flys until your chest is really pumped up and growing. Many people say that your chest needs a lot of volume. Put the work in and you will grow. Bench press is not the best chest builder. It's mainly a strength exercise.


Dumbbell bench presses are pretty good because they are similar to flys because you can get a good stretch. I think a stretch with heavy weight and going to failure or almost failure is the best.