Chest/Bi's on Same Day?

OK, here’s the problem. I’m setting up my new workout program and am trying to pair different muscle groups together. I was thinking instead of doing Chest/Tri’s on one day doing the following: Day 1- Chest/Bi’s/Foremarms/Abs. Day 2-Cardio. Day 3-Quads/Calves/Abs. Day 4-Shoulders/Abs/Cardio. Day 5-Back/Tri’s/Forearms/Hamstrings/Calves.
I’m at 6-1, 185 and trying to trim off a little extra bodyfat to really get my muscles to pop out; so I’ll be in the 8-12 rep range and cardio will be 20-30 minutes. Please leave positive/negative feedback. I plan on starting the routine Friday.

It depends on a few other things:

  1. Is there a day 6? 7? 8? In other words, are you just repeating this cycle over and over, or do you incorporate actual rest days?

  2. What exercises are you planning on doing? Deadlifts or hip adductions?

  3. Are you incorporating HIIT or just going with low intensity cardio?

Just my 2 cents,
First, answer Eric’s questions, then;

Why 2 workouts of f/a and calves? Maybe just 1 if you want to maintain their size & strength. you might also want to try 3-4 days of mixed(upper and lower) exercices ? la Meltdown Training or GBC.

How about # of sets per body part? Day 5 looks quite busy compared to the rest of the days; that’s a lot of work for one workout, if you’re not doing some sort of split. I think it is good, though, that you’re starting each lifting day with one of the 4 most important (in my opinion) bodyparts. When you say shoulders, what does that include? Mainly, where does rear delt work and shrugs go? What kind of bodyfat range are you at now? Also, and this is a general problem I see with routines, if you’re having any difficulty with your calf development, don’t put them after quads on the same day - you just can’t put in the effort you should for calves after quads, but that’s only if it’s an issue for you.

Thanks for the help everyone. I had decided to do calves and forearms twice because I felt they could benefit from the extra work, as they seem to have trouble growing from one day a week work.
I plan on doing low-intensity cardio and I did notice that Day 5 looks a little long, so I think I will move Hamstrings to Day 4 with Shoulders and move cardio to Day 5.
My workout days are Fri through Tues with Wed and Thurs off (it will change once I’m done with school in three weeks).
As for my shoulder workout, it does include rear-delt work. I usually do shrugs on back days, but since I’m deadlifting, I probably will not do shrugs this routine.