Chest/Back/Shoulders Neglected on Smolov. Simple Strength Program?

Hi I am half way through smolov and liking the results in strength for my legs but I feel that other areas are getting neglected. ie-chest back and shoulders. If any of you could suggest another program that could incorporate lots of compound lifts to gain more strength I would really appreciate it. Triples,doubles etc.

Thanks Andy

Hi - you can read more here :slight_smile:

My suggestion: any program except Smolov. Smolov is a squat program, so obviously everything else is going to be neglected. There are hundreds of programs to choose from, find one that looks appropriate and appeals to you. Just make sure to keep squat volume fairly high or you can expect to lose gains fast.

Do you have any suggestions. I wanna keep it really simply as I have 2 kids and wanna get the maximum out of my workouts

Just google “powerlifting programs”, there are lots out there. It’s hard to recommend anything because I don’t know how often or for how long you can train, what your numbers are, what you are doing for bench and DL and so on. I’m pretty sure someone will recommend 5/3/1, so maybe look into that to get a head start.

Personally, I’m not into using pre-made programs, I do my own thing. If you don’t understand the basics of programming then it’s probably a bad idea for you. If you have money then hire a coach.

Light weight for reps(anything up to 70% - think sets of 5-20 reps). Heavy weight for singles - anything 70% and above. Lots of high rep light weight body building.

Some will disagree with this, but it works very well for me. Keeps me strong and the lighter bench reps warming up to the heavy stuff build muscle. The lighter body building stuff is good for restoration and a good pump.