Chest/Back,Legs,Shoulders/Arms Split

So ive been doing PPL for about since i started and switch the exercises and training days every once in a while when i feelt to.
now i kind of want to try the chest/back,legs,shoulders/arms split
i just did chest/back and the pump was out of this world if you guys dont mind checking if this split is setup good i would appriciate that

Chest/Back A
Bench Press 4 sets 6-8
Dumbell row 4x8-10
Incline DB press 4x10
Hammer strength pull down 4x6-10
Flat DB fly 3x12
Cable pullover 3x12

Legs A
Sumo deadlift 5x3-5
Front squat 3x6-8
Hamstring curl 3x12
Lunges 2x10/per leg
Standing calf raise 4x15

Shoulders/Arms A
Overhead press 4x6-8
DB lateral raise 5x12
Reverse Pecdec 3x12
Dumbell hammer curl 3x8-10
Skull crusher 3x10
Preacher curl 3x10-12
Rope push down 3x10-12

Chest/Back B
Incline barbell press 4x10
barbell row 4x6-8
Flat DB press 4x10
close grip pull down 3x12
Cable crossover 3x12-15
T-bar row 3x10

Legs B
Barbell squat 5x3-5
Stiff legg DL 3x8-10
Leg extension 2x20
Leg press 3x15
Seated calf raise 4x15

Shoulders/Arms B
Lateral dumbell raise 3x12-15
Seated DB raise 3x10-12
Incline bench side raise 3x10-12
Reverse DB raise 4x12
Overhead DB press 3x8-10
Dumbell/barbell curl3x10-12
Tricep dips/Push down 3x12
Concentration curl 3x10

There has to be a template to answer these (sorry OP). Briefly

  1. What are your goals?
  2. What is the progression you intend on using?
  3. Why have you selected these exercises?
  4. That’s a fair amount of volume, is there a reason for that?

You have almost as much volume for your arms as you have for your legs. There’s absolutely no reason for that amount of work with that kind of frequency.

Ye i feel like this split will be to much volume in better off with ppl i guess
But i would really like to have a shoulder day since shoulders are kinda laking

What do you mean this split is to much volume so ppl will be better, just simply reduce the volume of this split above and slowly work your way up to larger amounts of volume when needed.

Any idea on how you guys would set it up than

You don’t need six separate days to work through your entire body twice a week. There are a lot of regular upper lower split routines and PHAT for example that utilizes five training days. I would never again go for a six day routine unless I’d want to train certain lifts three times a week.

I don’t think the actual routine is all that bad, although your shoulder/arm day has a few redundant exercises and I’d like to see higher reps on squats, but that’s just me.

It’s a lot to do in a week though. I’m not really a fan of p/p/l done 6 days a week. Too much, I think.

Well ive done day 2 Today and found out this is not really for me im so beaten by day 1 but im not sure if i should Go away from ppl cuz i still Made massive progress

Feedback on PPL Program? - #8 by Angus1 this is my ppl

if you’re making good progress then don’t change anything

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Tought a change would be good but i feel overtrained after 2 days

Then why not just continue the program that yielded results? I’ve made that same mistake way too many times.

I’ve been doing 3 days a week ppl for more than a year and i love it.
But i’ve been thinking about trying this split for a while.
Maybe i can give it a shot because i really want to train chest/back together just to see if its as good as Arnold describes in his books :slight_smile:

Tought the Same but after chest/back leg day feels overtraining and shoulder presses are weal because chest is sore and in tired ppl is best imo

I don’t think you understand what overtraining means. It’s not going to be something you can experience in 2 days.

As for the routine proper, I think less chest and more back work would be advisable on chest and back days.

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Ye i know but if my other 2 days suffer from chest and back day i wonder how i deel after 1_3 months i guess not good

You guess wrong, you will adapt, that’s the whole point. Just run it and see if it works for you. It might, it might not. That won’t be determined in 2 days though. See it through, check your progress, go from there.