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chest/back day and tricep/bicep day

I’ve been reading thru the back issues and I’ve pretty much known that doing chest and back one day then following it with bicep and tricep day the other day isn’t the ideal. But… I enjoy doing these on saturday and sunday and I feel that the quality of the workout is better during those days, since less people show up to the gym during the weekend. I work full time and I found that if I don’t get at least 8 hours of sleep (I try to get in 9 most nights since I feel so much better after that amount) I feel damn drowsy and weak. So waking up early to go to the gym wouldn’t work for me (plus since my gym opens up starting at 7am I bet that there is plenty of pre-go to work crowd in there already). Now before I bore you to death with my life struggles… my question is how bad of an idea is it to do chest and back on saturday then follow up with bicep and tricep day on sunday? Or is it just not ideal and not necessarily bad? And any advice on limiting bicep and tricep utilization during chest and back day while still getting in a good chest and back workout?

thanks in advance…