Chest / Arms / Back Workouts ?

Hey all for some reason i cannot open the search function on T-Nation? It probably has something to do with my pop-upblocker or virus program but i cannot figure it out!

I recently went to training one body part per day ( Bicep/Tricep in one day) And i want to really put on some size on my chest / arms / and back. Are there any good workouts anyone would recommend for real size gains? THanks in advance and i know i wish i could use the search function.

“Squats and milk” is the cure to all life’s problems.

Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy (ABBH):

The way you worded that, I’m guessing you don’t do legs.

In which case, SHAME ON YOU!

TBT by Chad Waterbury will fix all of your problems.

The program above is also pretty solid. In fact, do that one then this one.

Christian Thibaudeau’s “Superhero” workout is specifically planned to hit chest, shoulders and arms.

No i work every bodypart evenly i just wanted seperate daily routines for each bodypart. I have a quad/calf and hamstring/calf routine for two diffrent days. My legs are very up to par i feel, where as my chest,back,arms are SOMEWHAT behind in that order.