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Chest and Shoulder Workouts


I was wondering if its ok to combine Chest and Shoulder workouts.


First Workout: Dips

Work up to a 3 rep max

Second Workout: Incline bench

Work up to a 3 rep max

Third Workout: Barbell Shoulder press

Work up to a 3 rep max


Yes. Just warm up your shoulders and chest prior to lifting heavy and you should be fine.


Alright thanks. When working up to the 3 rep max could that be considered your warm up?


Set 1: 95x3
Set 2: 115x3
Set 3: 125x3
Set 4: 135x3

Then moving into working sets.


I think by "workout" you mean exercise. That would be part of a warmup, but the warmup should also be more extensive than just light sets of the exercise you will be working with. Why are you concerned about a 3 rep max?


I'd do some light rotator cuff work and a light set or two of laterals before going onto any pressing.

Warm-up for a 135 x 3 max would be 65 x 3, 95 x 2, 115 x 1 and then 135 x 3 if I were doing it.

I'd do more exercises than that for chest and shoulders no matter if the goal is strength, which I am guessing it is from the 3 rep max talk, or size.


Oh alright thanks

Its a way to have your sets for strength training, not sure why just reps of 3 though. Maybe because its obviously low reps and heavy weight which will make you stronger. Doing everything in threes when your going up in weights for your working sets feels great too cause you don't feel drained. You feel warm and ready to hit the working sets. Can anyone explain why reps of 3 is good for strength training?


Nate, you gotta give us a little more information:

What are you goals? Pure strength (power lifitng, strong man, etc...), are you more into Body Building? Are you trying to get bigger, or do you just want to get stronger with as little size/weight as possible.

The workout you posted in your OP, is that ONE workout? Or 3 workouts? It says "First workout" which leads me to believe that is all you will be doing for that workout, which is a terrible idea for almost any goal.


I think you referring to my Workout Log? I'm wondering what "OP" means.

What I mean by "First Workout" is simply what I start with first. I deleted how I had it listed under First, Second, Third workouts etc. Everything that is listed under one post is done in the same day.

Workout has a lot of different meanings. I meant it by a workout like benching. Not as like my whole push day workout. Sorry about the mix up. That is all I will be doing for the workout because once i get fatigue I can lead onto my next workout.

Right now I'm working on gaining strength and getting bigger.

This is the link to my workout log.



If I were you I would prioritize compound exercises for whatever muscle group is your weakness. For example, do military press before bench press if your shoulders are weaker, etc. Changing up the order of your exercises will give you some variety as well.


Nate, based on what I've read here and what I've seen in your training log you are all over the place and are not on a good plan for a beginner.

Check out this article:


I would probably start on an upper/lower split he has laid out in there, they and hit everything for 1-2 good, hard sets each day and make sure the weights/reps are going up consistently.


Thanks guys