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chess strategy

Guys, I just starting playing again after not playing in almost a decade, and I’m trying to remember a 4 or 5 move attack strategy that, unless guarded against, will put your opponent in checkmate after the specific 4 or 5 moves. Anybody know what I’m talking about or any sites that might be able to offer me help? Also, do you guys recommend any books to help with startegy? And what do you guys think is the best site to use to play friends online? Thanks in advance.

d3, Bf4, Qc3, Qc7(or Bc7)

I think that’s it, at least…

Move your pawn out, the one close to your Queen. Then move your queen and then your bishop out. You should then be able to take the pawn close to the king with your queen. The king can’t take you because your bishop is there. Sorry I don’t know the numbers and things for chess, but just experiment with those pieces and it should work out.

Unger is correct.

Yes, that move will put some presure on most novice players, but for the better players it is defended against by Kf6, or g6. Play on chess.net, there are many levels of players, an instant chat, and sometime GM’s play.

Try Fool’s Mate. A few quick moves to winning. Sorry, Not sure of a website. Best of Luck.

Thanks guys. The only reason I wanted to know this is to screw with a couple of my friends so they can see its fun by being able to beat someone in a handful of moves. Its hard to get people in college to play. When I used to play I would easily defend against these tactics with 2 simple moves. But it is fun knowing these things. Thanks again guys.

I found some good chess players in college and found that the most fun way to play was “speed chess” where the object isn’t necessarily winning, but taking less time (need a clock) or team chess. The team thing was VERY interesting as you would play black on white, and your partner (playing another game) plays white on black. The pieces your partner takes in his game are the pieces you can place on the board and play. Makes for a whole new game.

Okay, I was going to keep quiet on this one, but as a former chess instructor I just can’t.

To begin with, the quick mate using the bishop/queen that you’re talking about is called the Victorian Cross. Yes, if you’re playing someone who has absolutely no idea what s/he is doing, it will work a few times.

However, against anyone with even the slightest bit of theory, you’re going to get blown out of the water. My advice is to learn something real about the game, not just a couple of parlor tricks. Then better players will know that you’re an interesting opponent and you’ll never lack for a playing partner. Also, the appreciation of a game of chess is enormously magnified when you actually know what you’re doing.

A good book that will take you through a “real” attack opening as white and a “real” defense as black is called (I think) “The Stonewall Attack”, by Fred Reinfeld. You can undoubtedly find it at Amazon. It’s very readable, and, judging from your post above, should open up whole new vistas for you over the board. Good luck.

“Chess is a game from which a gnat may drink and in which an elephant may bathe.”

Thanks for the book advice. I just wanted to know the parlor tricks for the same reason that you want to know any parlor tricks: to show off in front of people who are novices. I never once believed I could beat anyone with any skill with this fools mate. Like I said in my last post I used to counter it with a single move when people would attempt it. Now I am not saying I was ever very good at chess; because I wasn’t. I mostly played my firneds that knew how to play, but I didn’t know anyone who was very good. Anyways, thanks for the advice.

weird coincidence. i just started playin after YEARS, last week when i saw a blip on yahoo for their online chess.