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Chess players

Is it just me or are chess players some of the most cocky, cruel, sore winners and losers in the world?

Queen’s Pawn to D4… Lets find out! :smiley:

Well, the thing about chess is that when you get beat, you lose a mental battle. It is a tough blow to the ego to admit your opponent (especially if it is your buddy who will rub it in for the next week) was able to out think you.

queens pawn D5

I understand about the mental battle thing but what i don’t get is; why can’t people win gracefully? Even when they just squeek you out they act like they’re Fischer or Alkehine. and… d5…lol

Just out of curiosity, are any of you guys rated at chess?

Yeah a lot of chess players are bitches. Just go to yahoo chess sometime and play. I play there for fun sometimes, but im not all that good, usually rated about 1250. The people there crack me up sometimes. Im just like, “yeah i lost, i dont care, relax dude”.

Not all of them are like the ones you just describe. But if you notice, it’s the lower rated players that act like that. And what’s really annoying about them? They ask for takebacks. Come on, fight like a man, and die like a man!

I’m rated 1900 in blitz and 1800 in slow chess.

the bear

Char, when I competed I was around 1600, which put me in the C and B leagues locally. I haven’t played a tournament in years though.

hey! looks like jpfitness forfeits! I take title of greatest chess player that ever lived at t-mag :slight_smile:

Not too bad! When I played competitively (back when I was in America) I had about a 1950 rating at slow (regular) chess; I have no idea what I’d be at blitz.

Nice to know that there are some enthusiasts around, though… :slight_smile:

Char, 1950??? Wow. That is pretty good! Yeah, our tournaments were timed. They weren’t speed chess, but there was a a time limit on moves. It took me forever to get used to those damn little clocks!

T-Puppy, I haven’t forgotten you… I am looking for my mini-chess set so I can set up a board. I am not good enough to do it all in my head. I used to do that for practice my chess partner for concentration drills, but after 5 or 6 moves into the game I would lose my mental picture of the board. If I can find it today we will have us a little match!

awesome lol. by the way, i think i will have to change my name soon. T-puppy was the name i’ve been using for the past 2 years, when I first started lifting. Now i’m 18 and bigger than I started…so the ‘puppy’s’ gotta leave…

I’m pretty new so i dunno what rank i am, I do notice, however, that its always the guys that have the nics like “chessgod” that are the worst. Does anyone notice how hard it is to organize your thinking specifically for chess?


You just have to remember:
Think about your defense first before you can think about your attack.
If you built up a fortress, then you can attack at will.

the bear

By the way,
Those chess names are psychological games, too.
My chess name on chess.net (used to be a free site) is The_Patzer (meaning weak chess player).
This fooled a lot of players since they’re playing somebody weak.
And in order to improve, don’t ask for takebacks. Kind of like “The Way of the Warrior” analogy, they already accepted death before combat so the worst thing that can happen can’t hurt them anymore.

the bear

I just want to Thank everyone for all the good advice and replying sp? to my post…