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Chesley Lampros's Powerlifting Log (Elite by My First Meet!

Hello, my name is Chelsey Lampros, currently I am training for my first Powerlifting comp that is in October 2014. I became interested in powerlifting in November of 2013, however I was never really able to train and use any heavy weight up until right now. While starting getting into powerlifting I experienced back pain and it took about 6 months to find a good PT and help me identify and fix the problem (an unaligned pelvis). I have finally got my body back to being nearly pain free and ready to train!

Prior to the back pain and any training my totals were:
205lb Squat 225lb ( with knee wraps)
285 deadlift
135 bench

After PT and fixing all my weak points and aligning up my pelvis and some work with my bench while I was waiting for my low body to heal…
260lb Squat(without knee wraps)
295lb Deadlift (probly will remax out again, I had more in me)
165lb bench
720lb Total (without knee wraps, in a meet I plan on using wraps so that would give me at least another 30lbs I would assume. I plan on maxing with kneed wraps soon)

These are my numbers as of now, I plan on starting a version of the Lillibridge training program. My goal is to increase my total enough by October that I will reach elite. I weight 145lbs (5’3) and could either cut to 132 slowly or stay in the 148 weight class. Since I haven’t been doing any lower body work I assume that naturally with starting up a program that involves heavy deads and squats, with a clean diet I should lose weight just from that.

Either way, this is my first meet, I do not want to stress about weight, I only want to focus on getting stronger. All I need is a 702 total for the 132 weight class and a 773 I believe for the 148 weight class. I have roughly 5 months to get to 773, considering I havent done any real training with my squats and deadlifts, I think I will be able to get the total I am aiming for.