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Cheque Drops Mibolerone

Has anyone used these, and what was your experience on them?

What are some safety precautions?

What were the results?

Its my understanding that mike tyson bit off that fellas ear while utilizing drops. Pretty harsh on your liver as well. I’d say a no based on shared experiences with friends.

Do you have a source for some ‘Forever’? I would be interested to read a personal account on their use…

From what I have read, Cheque Drops are good on the day of the event you want to be strong and aggressive for. Not advised for typical on cycle use. Say a powerlifting contest, a fight match, etc.

Cheque drops will always hold a special place in my heart.

Proper safety precautions would be to use them sparingly to minimize side effects.
example: powerlifting meet day, any combat related sport competition, etc.

Side effects include progesterone related gynecomastia and liver toxicity. Also if you use them in the evening you may suffer a serious case of insomnia.

The strength/aggression boost only really lasts about 2 hours, although I have read mibolerone has a 2-4 hour half life.

They are really only for strength/performance enhancement. They cannot be very anabolic used sparingly and I would not advise anyone to use them regularly.

They stack nicely with halotestin pre-contest/competition.