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Cheney More Popular Than Pelosi!




Don´t you think “less despised” is more accurate?


[quote]orion wrote:
DonÃ?´t you think “less despised” is more accurate?[/quote]

If they were both menu items the waiter would ask…

Would you like the steamed shit, or the fried diarrhea?


This just in: Prostate exams more popular than colonoscopies!


Sounds about right on both counts. It’s said that their approval ratings are as high as they are among their own party. Fucking idiot lemmings.


I don’t like neither one of those two cock suckers and I agree with Rockscar.


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Pelosi’s political record is so tainted, she probably won’t be able to do anything after this. With her speech of “Si se puede” in San Francisco, and her CIA lie allegation, she is ruined. I am shocked Obama hasn’t distanced himself from her more.


[quote]Mick28 wrote:
skaz05 wrote:

The important point is that Cheney is not running for office. Exactly what people think of him is far less important than bitch Pelosi who fancies herself as some sort of (cough) political leader…funny huh?[/quote]

True. Cheney’s already had his chance to put this country in the shitter. Did a decent job. Pelosi is only just beginning.


Run, Dick, run!

Cheney will be POTUS in 2013. America will take a big shit and kick all these current geniuses out, after the economy collapses.