Chems/Injections to Grow New Muscle After Surgical Removal of Tissue?

I, several years ago, got a sepsis infection in my left medial bicep head. Some tissue was removed. I managed to correct most of the strength and balance but the size now that I’m all hypertrophied up is noticeable to me. As such, I was hoping to get some knowledge about growing satellite cells or any kind of research chemical or spot injection I can use to increase actual amount of tissue not just hypertrophy the left side

Research BPC-157, it may provide what you are looking for.

That shit is so interesting.

If you use it please keep a log. Would love to know how it turns out.

Pegylated MGF and IFG1 LR3 looks like compounds that are easy enough to obtain and will cause hyperplasia (growth of new cells).

I’m currently in week 3 of BPC 157. Showing some signs of working on a hamstring injury (high hammy tendinitis), but has not helped with shoulder pain. Switched to IM in delt, and twice a day just in delt now to see if it helps.

I’ll keep ya updated. I plan to run TB500 if the next 2 weeks of BPC do not fix my shoulder. My hammy pain is gone, although I have not tried to run hard on it, but leg day has shown zero pain.

Man that is fascinating! Yes please keep me updated

Definitely will make a post once done with my experience. So far the hamstring feels way better, but this shoulder has no improvement. From what I’ve read, the most success stories come from stacking it with TB500. Could the TB500 be the real magic, or the combo of the two actually work best? Gotta keep experimenting.

Only side effect has been acne. I am on cycle, so can’t for sure say it was BPC. However, in my two previous cycles, I had zero pimples until PCT.

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