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ChemOne Letrozole/Femara


I know a lot of people have bashed ChemOne, but I've heard people say they're alright too. If anyone is interested I got a bottle of Letrozole from ChemOne today. I've had a mild case of gyno since I hit puberty. I'm not sure if the letro can help, but I'll try. I'm also going to start taking the test prop and tren next week.

I think it's unfair to judge the legitimacy of the product trying to get my pre-existing gyno, but I'll post the results. However, if the Letrozole is legit it should keep off the sides of the test prop. If it bunks, I have some Nolva on hand for backup.

I'll be running 100mg test prop ED and tren at 50mg ED. I will follow hooker's Letro protocol for gyno-removal:

2.5 (until gyno is gone and then three days following, or a week if no results are seen)

Taper up, taper down, use nolva during the taper down and afterwards to combat the estrogen rebound. If it works well I might just run a low dose during the cycle instead of the Nolva.



Awesome, I'm sure a couple people (including myself) are looking forward to this. I'm in the same position as having a slight case of gyno from pubescent years and have been contemplating giving it a try while I read up on as much as possible.

Can't wait to see the results.


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I simply said that I wouldn't work for ChemOne, and turned down employment with him. I also declined a vague offer for the ChemOne store to carry my book.

Insofar as "proof" - never said that his products didn't contain what they're supposed to. I said I don't reccomend doing buisness with him.

I just didn't like how his buisness dealings went with me, prior to my being published, and asked him to kindly keep his ventures away from me in the future. I would never have brought him up, had his staff not done so here.

However, I'm admittedly suspicious of his involvement with IBE, at this point...there's just something I find unsettling about it.


You are a liar. You called us ScamOne. You haven't the fucking balls to defend that satement - which strongly infers that we are scamming people. You are THE ONLY ONE to spew such baseless crap - and the only one that hasn't the balls to back up your accusations. We have NEVER offered to employ you beyond maybe writing a profile or two which would have been contract work at the most - but that idea lasted about 13 seconds.

The whole thing about offering to sell your book at our store is just an out right fucking lie. That was NEVER on the table. EVER.

That's a another fucking lie. No one has come near you with this business venture. Especially not here on this board. I recommend ChemOne just like you recommend your sugar daddies. If that is encroaching on your space - then maybe you should just move on.

He is a mod on their board. That is all the "unsettling" involvement we have with IBE. Unless you can prove it otherwise, this is the third lie in one post that you have spewed.

You are getting paid by both Lion and AG Guys so I guess everyone should just consider the fact that you are completely unable to be objective whenever Chaos, or ChemOne is mentioned. And forget about the truth. Your entire post is nothing but unsubstantiated lies and inuendo - kinda like your discount bin book.


Aside from all of the name calling and accusations of AR; I'm curious as to what makes his book worthy of being in the discount bin? Is it full of information that is incorrect? poorly written? Is it just completely useless to anyone who wants to educate themselves on AAS? I'm not sticking up for anyone here but I see you pissed at him because he has knocked your company and you say he has no evidence to back up what he is saying, so lets hear why his book is so bad.



Ask Amazon. Or better yet go look and see for yourself.

His book is bad because of the writer. If you want a real book on AAS get Llewellyn's. It must be pretty decent as hooker lifted several pages from Llewellyn. Llewellyn has even said as much.


Oh god here we go again...

By the way I'd like to hear a real answer to trailer trash's question too. Hopefully something more than go to amazon and see for yourself.


It's been discounted at Amazon. That's why they call it the discount bin. Why did they discount it at Amazon? I haven't a clue. I suspect low sales, but you would have to ask them.

What esle do you want? I gave you my reasons why I think the book should not be purchased and I just stated that it was discounted at Amazon. To me that makes the book a discount bin piece of crap.

Any more questions?


I think Im going to have to change my name. People keep mistaking me for Trailer Trash. Hmmm.... maybe I really am....


I get the same thing. Some folks think everyone in Texas is trailer trash.


I think Rainjack called it bargin bin because the book is no longer selling at it's original price which I believe was nearly $80. It's now selling for near $40. Llewellyn's book is still selling at nearly $80 a copy.

Also it's a little funny that there are two reviews on Amazon about the book. 1 reviewer gave the book 1 star the other 5 stars.

The 5 star review is by someone that goes by the name "Anthony Hooks Roberts" hmmmmm. So the only actual reader to review the book has given it 1 star.


My bad trailrash. But then again if the shoe fits...


The reader who gave one star didnt read the book. He said, "If the book is like the advice he gives out online (read: horrible), then I'd avoid it"

If the guy who gave it a 5 star rating is really AR then he is only promoting his book and I can't blame him.

So basically reading the reviews on Amazon gave me nothing.



They aren't??? haha.. only kidding


I must have missed your reasons why not to buy it, I'll go back and re-read. As far as the discounted price zippity fuckin doo dah


You asked why I called it a discount bin book - I told you. If you don't like the definition of discount bin - there's nothing I can do.


Chaos offered to pay me for some profiles, and such. In the course of his dealings with me, I told him that since both major chem companies sell my book (have banners for it, actually), it's not beneficial to me to have other chem companies swallowing up boards with any kind of exclusivity. HE said "What if I I carried your book?" to which I replied that it would be financially beneficial to me, but that I still stand by my position that I wouldn't have any buisness dealings with him.

On a personal level, I like Chaos, but unfortunately, his involvement with several boards and the staff on them, make any buisness dealings between he and I, an untenable proposition.

I asked him to please refrain from attempting to have a presence on any boards where I earn my living, and unfortunately- you had to begin a promotion campaign here.

Also, I'm wary of the connection between ChemOne/IBE at present, and I feel there's more going on there...

I don't know. The dude's got my number, and once he cools off, he can always call me.

Again, I expressed my wishes to not have any involvement with him, in the sense of buisness, and unfortunately, a campaign was started here, to promote ChemOne. Likewise on EF (all threads were deleted, however), and likewise via PM on Steroid.com (I'm told)- where ChemOne is now a banned (***'d) phrase.

I simply wanted to avoid this, and avoid him on a buisness level. Unfortunately, while I think he's a good guy, he took all of it very personally. Again, he can always call me, as he's got my phone number.


Thanks for pointing out that there's no reason here to not buy my book...or my e-book for that matter.

You can check out the main page of Steroid.com if you want to read about 150 pages from the book, give or take. It's got around 50-60 of the profiles from the book on it, as far as I recall.

As for the "discounted price"...

The book never sold for $80. It was one of those things where the price said $79.99 and there was a red "slash" through it, and it said 39.99 below the slash. It's always been the same price, and nobody's ever been charged anything different.

For volume 2.0, since I'm adding at least 50-100 pages of information to it, I want to fuck around with the font and the borders, so we can keep it at 400pages, and keep the price the same.


Point of note: I am not paid by Lion. I don't work for him, other than the occasional favor of a product write up- Totally unpaid at this point.