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Chemists, Please Help W/ Identity


OK, i am graciously asking all of the chemists here to help with identifying this compound:


I have read some info on it but I want to see what everyone on here has to say because i trust you all more than i trust the other guys on the net as you all have been fair and honest in the past. thanks for the help.


The compound seems to be a diol prohormone version of the steroid Clostebol. I obviously cannot comment on its effectiveness, but would expect it to be a weak androgen and a mild anabolic at best based on its structure. Also, delivery remains a problem.


thank you ub10. i have heard it being compared to clostebol and more heavily compared to Oral Turinabol with a slight alteration (i am guessing the "diol" part but i am no chemist). my concern was its effectiveness and its effect on the liver. the creators say that it is not overly harsh on the liver but they obviously would. why would delivery be an issue with this compound? i just want to be educated, thanks guys.


What can be surmised by these chemical synonyms?
androstan-3-one azine


I think that the comparison between that compound and oral turinabol or Tbol is both fair in that it is similar with the exception of the hydroxyl group instead of a ketone on the 3 carbon and an alpha methylation on the 17 carbon. However, their activities and pharmacological profiles will vary. The tweak on the 3 carbon can be reversed by an enzyme (3B-DH) which is the same enzyme responsible for converting androstenediol to testosterone. The alpha-methylation of the 17 carbon however, will cause the change in shape of the whole ring structure, thereby affecting how the compound interacts with receptors and thus its ability to activate a receptor. This alteration also makes the compound orally bioavailable and in some cases liver toxicity is noted with such compounds.

The comment on absorption was based on the assuming you have the base compound and want to use it orally. If it is the base hormone without the 17aa, then its oral bioavailability is very low.

As for 17-B-hydroxy-2-a-17 dimethyl-5-a-androstan-3one azine, it has two alpha-methylations at the 2 and 17 carbons so it is orally bioavailable, the double bond between the 4 and 5 carbons is reduced (analogous to test to DHT reduction by 5-alphareductase), and i assume that the azine refers to some attempt to make another ring off the A-ring, the likes of winny perhaps? In this case, the oxygen would be removed and replaced by a double bonded nitrogen which was single bonded to another nitrogen which in turn was double bonded to the 2 alpha-methyl carbon. But then there is no need to name the 3one part of the compound.


Is this called Halodrol by any chance


right on. i didnt want to give the name so i could get some opinions without seeing marketing materials on the product but that is what it is. any ideas?


I have a bottle of Pro-Turinabol(Gaspari) here.
similar to T-bol

dont know if that helps...just tryin to add my 3 cents