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Chemistry Question For Cy


Somebody please give me the low down on 17a-Methyl-etioallocholane-z-ene-17b-ol

I've got a track athlete wondering if it's the relatively similiar to superdrol, or if this compound is an actual anabolic agent as well

all help will be appreciated


Hi hoosierdaddy,

I'm assuming whomever made the product was either being a bit lazy or purposely left some things out. As it stands, you have a basic steroid skeleton with methyl groups at the C-10 and C-13 (i.e., androstane or etioallcholane) with a hydroxyl group at the C-17, as well as a methyl group. It's indicating there's a double bond, but does not specify where. According to the naming here or rather, the lack thereof, this molecule also lacks an oxygen atom at the C-3, which would make it a weak androgen (if at all) as both that and either a keto or hydroxyl group at the C-17 are necessary for androgenic activity.

I've never seen the structure of androgen used in the Superdrol product so I have no idea if the systematic name above is close to it or not.