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Chemicals for Triatholon Endurance?


A buddy of mine is training for a triatholon and is interested in any chems that might help his endurance through running biking and swimming.I have searched around and seen alot of guys say EQ is good because of the increase in red blood cells, also erthropoetin but I dont know much about this stuff or how available it is.

Any info would be great thanks.


low dose of test and masteron would do the trick. Even test on its own would provide a significant boost in performance.

350 test/week
350 mast/week


I believe halo in some clinical trials has shown some positive impact on VO2 max. Please don't make me dig for the citation, but I promise that I didn't make it up. Just treat this as hearsay, I guess.


That does make sense. For boxing, tennis, soccer and the like.


Halotestin used to have some significant popularity with high level endurance cyclists in Europe before its use became impossible due to drug tests.


Are you English Wink?


A low dose of Test would work wonders for muscular endurance and connective tissue strength as well as blood cell production.

say 200mg/wk.

I would avoid Winstrol as while it would be useful during the events, it can easily lead to injury in the resisted workouts during training as it makes connective tissues more brittle in their strengthening.