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Chemical Structure Question

Hi !
Because her molecular structure, i do not understand why all steroid’s books says that nandrolone is an aromatisable steroid ?
How could it aromatise without any methyl group on the C10 ?

Why everybody says that trenbolone could not convert to a DHT-like ? this hormone has the double bond between C4 and C5, so ready for reduction ! ?

I hope someone will give me some explainations.

Nandrolone does not aromatise. It may convert to progesterone but thats another story, and in much smaller quantities than say testosterone aromatising.

impossible to convert in progesterone ! no AAS can ! T is 19 carbs and progesterone is 21.
some AAS are progestatins, that’s different.

someone knows how nandrolone could be aromatised ?

nandrolone can ACTIVATE progesterone receptors. this seems to occur under high doses or when an individual is extremely sensitive (individual variation always occurs). it does convert through both the estrogen pathway and DHT, however, these are weak products, they do not bind as well to their respective receptors due to conformational (structure) changes due to the missing carbon (C19). trenbolone seems to have good binding to the androgen receptor without going through any changes, also due to the other two double bonds, it may not be able to bind to the aromatase (this seems quite sure) nor the 5a reductase. tren also can activate the progesterone receptor (quite a few 19nor compounds seem to, once again in higher doses)

Yes, i’m ok.
But no answer to my question :
How could nandrolone aromatise without any methyl group on the C10 ???

by the same enzyme as testosterone.

I know the enzyme P450 aromatase, that’s not the problem but i will understand how could nandrolone aromatise without any methyl group (CH3) on C10 (miss the C19) ?? Because the rules for aromatisation are : a double bond between C4 and C5, the A ring must not be altered and a methyl group (CH3) add to the C10.