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Chemical Solution Forum

Sometime today we will be closing the doors of the Chemical Solution forum. The idea of
having a forum for chemistry, pharmacology,
and other topics not directly related to
supplements or steroid cycles, just hasn’t
worked out. Bill Roberts felt that most of the questions he was getting were better suited for the existing forums and didn’t see the need for the overlap. Bill has also just been too busy lately to give a separate forum the time it needs.

However, Bill will continue to participate in the current forums as time allows and has agreed to be a guest in our “Guest Forum” which will be launched in the future. (In the Guest Forum, one T-mag contributor will have his own forum category for one week - sort of an interactive Q and A column.)

bump - so everyone has a chance to see this

I hope this doesn’t mean “less Bill Roberts” because Bill Roberts is one of the reasons I read these forums.

I agree…most of the questions would have been better suited in the steroids and t/n forums…