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Chemical in Plastic Harmful

I thought this was interesting and thought others might like to see it.



Here’s a quote from the article:
"A person would have to consume more than 500 pounds of food or drink in contact with BPA in order to exceed the Environmental Protection Agency’s acceptable dose, according to Hentges. "

This suggests that we’re safe from the effects (except for Prof X). What they don’t mention is the cumulative effect of BPA and other toxins in the environment. The quote is from the director of the American Plastics Council
http://www.americanplasticscouncil.org and when looking at their site I’m suspicious that they may benefit from society fully embracing plastics.

Big industry just keeps pushing these fucking chemicals down our throats:


The article states that heating the plastic releases more BPA. But to what temperature? How hot do you heat your food to?

If it concerns you greatly, use glass, not plastic.