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Chemical Burps


So today is like any other monday, wake up..bagel and shake and head to work. but all day today all of my burps are tasting like I'm taking HRX. wtf?

anyone have any idea wtf?


Research chemicals?


did you take HRX? lol


yaknow Bonez...i thought of that...but would it really take 5 days to manifest itself into awesome burps like these?


I usually only get them if I haven't drank enough water. I do know that many people experience raspberry burbs from HRX. To me, that substance seem to like to stick in the stomach for a long time.


I guess it's possible.

I know some of the stuff I've injested had a metallic aftertaste. Specifically it is a basic (opposite of acidic), bitter taste that is left behind.

Maybe something didn't agree with you and you started burping. Prob not the research chem alone.