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Chem Trails in The Sky...



Gets me thinking.....Seriously what is the main point of all these jets dropping these trails of stuff most people have no idea about??

Talked to my step-father recently and he works with a guy who is enlisted in the Army who has personally seen the jets loaded with the stuff, he asked about them and was told "It's confidential info". huh?


It's them. They are out to get us. It is them versus us. They want to hurt us. They will stop at nothing.

There is only one thing left to do.

Take some PCP and go down to the local grocery store. Strip down naked. When They show up, throw vegetables at them until They go away.


Ha...nice.... Wouldn't it be fucked up if the government was working with/getting paid huge money by pharmaceutical companies/lobbyists to drop shit to make those who are already fucked health wise more sick and make others sick so they have to buy more BS medicines and make the lobbyists/government more money :slight_smile: don't forget our Gov...is in insane debt!!!

i'm just dropping crazy theories...haha adjusts his little tinfoil hat


It's the man trying to kill us all!!!



Headhunter? Is that you?


Could be cloud seeding, look it up.


You could do this, OR you could murder a drifter and take his identity. Then always wear a trench coat and brass knuckles everywhere you go.