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Chem One?


has anyone tried the Anastrozole from ChemOne? If so, is it worth buying?


As an owner of ChemOne - I think our A-dex is as good as you can buy. And it is 4X cheaper per cc than our major competition.


Chem One is a new company that tripped out of the starting blocks with their first batch of Clenbuterol. I would hold off making any purchases from them until you see some independant lab tests.


and we're off.....

can we please make this thread about the a-dex and not a rainjack/roberts catfight? i love the arguing as much as everyone else here but i think the poster would like some real life testimony. if you guys would like, i can start a separate thread so you two can have at til the cows come home. just let me know...

thank you



I will let you know a few weeks after it comes in. Just ordered some.



For the man asking about Chem One, I HATE YOU!

You have just started another seemingly endless back and forth between the owner (one of the owners?) of Chem One and the hooker for there competition AG-Guys. The owner is Mr. RainJack and the competition is Mr. Roberts. They don't like eachother and have been waving dicks at eachother for many many MANY MANY MANY posts now. I like them both and hopefully they wont' take this the wrong way but dont' listen to either of them. They are very helpful and nice guys and both have provided alot of good info and made me laugh quite a few times ect.

Neither one of those board is a scammer Chem One or AG. They both have legit products. Pick one or the other based on whatever you'd like ie. price maybe looking and some customer feedback ect. Just know that you're really likely to get the same thing from either source. With the abundancy of powders available there's VERY little point in any of these companies offering shit product since nobody is really the "Only Show In Town". The only way I'd say you'd have to worry is if you had someone pm you and in a semi-shady way offer you some research chems or aas. Don't take offers like that. It's good way to get pinched or scammed. If it's too good to be true it usually is. In this case both sides are good and both sides are true.

BTW, I dont' really hate you :slightly_smiling:


In my admittedly limited experience with ChemOne, everything from the ordering experience, to the delivery times, to the product packaging, to the effectiveness of the compounds has been nothing short of excellent. Highly recommended as far as I'm concerned; first place I look for anything they stock.


Chem one is the first LR company I've seen with Accutane available so they'll definetly see an order from me in the near future.


Lots of positive feed back at boards like SSB, Professional Muscle, FitnessGeared and others.

I haven't tried the anastrozole, but the Cialis is fantastic. BETTER than any Cialis I've ever used.


I ordered Tamoxifen Citrate which was the cheapest around, came in like 3 days and did it's job well. I'd definately order again.


I would hold off ordering from them until there's more feedback from people who aren't friends with the owner(s) and/or mods on boards the owner(s) own and operate- Which is basically all of the people who are saying that the products are good right now.

I can't find too many people who aren't either a friend or staff member on the owner(s) board who has the same glowing reviews of their products.

And that basically includes here on T-Nation...where many of the people complimenting the company are basically all wrapped up in being staff and friends with the owner(s) and their venture.


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JW is a friend of Chaos/RJ and threir dog-shit AAS boards. So is the person you named. RJ is the owner. You're their friend and a mod on one of their their terrible boards also- a "private" board that is very friendly to them. So...out of the people who posted, you included, more than not are associated in some way with them, and have an interest in seeing them succeed.

I predict that their mom & pop chem store will do alright. I bet it gets them a six-figure income within a year or two. In relation to the 2 biggest companies who are in the market, thats about a 10-15 days worth of sales.


How about a new rule between AG and by that I mean A.R. and ibe/chem one. You each get one statement per thread not directly related to the product and what it does how to take it ect. YOU KNOW HELPFUL STUFF THAT YOU EXPERTS SPECIALIZE IN. Other then that you get one pot shot a peice at eachother then you have to all shut the fuck up. I think it's pretty fair. All who agree say I.



There is no such thing as IBE/ChemOne. Any fucking idiot with a functioning brainstem could figure that out. You are just parroting the ramblings of a dickless wonder that still lives with his mother.

I don't need you telling me when to post and when not to. But - if you will look the fuck around - you would soon see that I have not said dick to hooker. I said I was through with his bullshit - look it up.

I will say that his pathetic display in attempting to draw me out has been very humerous - especially since he said I was not worth his time. You have to wonder why he has acted like a total pussy, though. I guess fear does crazy things to people.


So if I go on an AAS board, post on their a few times, and then buy a product they have to offer, I'm associated with them??

Also, I don't think there is anything wrong with seeing good people succeed.

Just my opinion.


I ordered some Letrozole from ChemOne. The product I ordered from ChemOne arrived in a couple days after ordering and has been working well. The bigger companies like Ag-Guys and Lion are very repectable and legit sources. You'll pay a lot more, but it's becuase they've been around longer and have a good record.



Funny that RJ had all the time in the world to reply to me here and fuck with me, when he didn't have something to lose by me calling his company garbage.

Now, ChemOne has been called out on tons of boards, for RJ's idiocy. And it only keeps going. I'd still like to know how/why anyone who was involved with a chem company was untrustworthy, in RJ's words- until he was involved- now everyone should trust him.

Now that he stands to lose something, he doesn't reply to me anymore.

Thats the character of the owner of ChemOne. I wouldn't spend time, much less money on ChemOne, if I were the average member here.


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Just to clarify - I am not THE owner of ChemOne. There are several of us.