Chelsea's Training Log

Okay, I have been a lurker on this site for long enough. I am ready to make a more serious commitment by having to post my business for the world to see. and so they can give me a swift kick in the butt when I stray…

Let me start with my current stats. I am 27 y/o, 5’6", and 163 pounds. I have 35% body fat which is a little over 57 pounds OF FAT…ON MY BODY!

My end goal is to be 132 pounds which is 20% body fat (that’s only 26.5 pounds of fat, much more tolerable). Then I want to stay at that percentage for a year to create a new set point for my body.
I will hit that weight by October 1, 2016, that gives me 6 months.

I am following the program outlined in Christian Thibaudeau’s destroying fat article. Yesterday (day 1) was a heavy lift day and alactic work.

  • DB Bench Press - 20lbs -6 reps - no rest

  • DB flys - 10 lbs - 8 reps - 90 sec (I am definitely lagging here)

  • Chest supported rows - 20lbs - 6 reps - no rest

  • Chest supported shrugs - 20lbs - 8 reps - 90 sec

I went through the cycle 6 times. Later in the day, I sprinted 5 x 60m.
Nothing on this day was particularly challenging. Next time, I am going to up the two back exercise 5 lbs and increase time under tension by slowing down the negatives some.

Just finished Day 2 and it was brutal. I wasn’t expecting for how draining it was, I now consider the heavy lift days much easier.
Circuit A
- DB bench press 15lbs 15r
- Front Squats with bar 12r
- Bent over rows with bar15r
- Romanian deadlift with bar 15r
-Sit ups 15r
Went through circuit three times then moved to circuit B for 3 rounds
Circuit B
- Overhead DB press 10lbs 15r
- Goblet Squats 1/2 pood 15r
- Pull downs red band 15r
- Kettlebell swings 1/2 pood 20r
- leg raises 20r
The I went jogging for 20 minutes although tbh it was more like crawling. Looking at the weights, this should have been much easier, I can lift much heavier. I think what got me was the brutal pacing.