Chek Article Feedback

Hey, guys, TC and I would appreciate your opinions on Paul Chek’s “How to be Back Strong and Beltless” article appearing in the current issue (#121). Thanks.

I think that this one is going to take me another read or two before I feel that I understand at least most of what he is saying here. In all honesty I would have probably been satisfied with less (or less detailed)information on the functions of the core muscles and more focus on simply how to strengthen them and how to further incorporate them in specific exercises. With that being said I imagine that there are plenty of people out there with infinitely more education on such issues that will really enjoy this article. For me I find it a bit dry to get through but think that it is a well worth while article. I imagine that a little bit of thinking every once in a while won’t constitute overtraining.

To be honest with you, I perused though the whole issue, cathing key topic sentences and pictures. In my opinion, I have always felt that a belt was and still is a crutch used for whatever purpose in strength training, bodybuilding, etc. without the belt,the abdominals and the lower back along with the entire spine gets developed. I consider this crucial in everyday life. I, myself had a bad lower back, annoying neck pain and other related maladies. I went to a chiropractic and discovered i had massive curvature in my spine. it was not even centered staight!! Now, I never have any back or neck pain whatsoever and it will be like that till i die. Why? Proper Technique and excellent form. I am in no way strong or even built. Concetration is the key. the mind muscle connection. Interested in progression, strict form must be a passion. After fiddling around a few weeks trying to perfect my form on the squat and deadlift(i had just started recently, unbeleivable, huh.), I have finally figured myself out and my back feels sronger than ever. the stabilization in my core has made me progress as of recently, and from I’ve read in back issues of t-mag, this two “hardcore excersizes” are a must for ultimate spinal development that results in a painfree lower back and neck, not to mention stonger abdominals. I see a lot a of geeks at the gym who train with a belt and they always lift with poor form. It is probably a fashion statement so they can look educated at what they are doing. and to top that off, they lift a lot less weight than i can handle with strict form which i would think to be more difficult and I am have their freaking size, but as you guys know, it always pays off sooner or later. Probably sooner than most would expect.

It is very apparent that Paul Chek is an intelligent athlete. His articles are not for casual reading. It may help to change the format to appeal to a broader audience. How about making some strong or outlandish statements up front and then ease into the doctoral thesis material. Please don’t water his stuff down because the mensa society folks really get into his shit.

Even though the article was a little dense, i managed to digest most of it…i look forward to parts 2 & 3 and any subsequent chek articles…is chek going to describe proper form for exercises which focus on the abs/lower back? …keep up the good work!

Well TC and Paul, i cant have it too technical !
I must admit i loaned an anatomy book + CD rom 2 months ago. Studied it and, tho i cant remember much names, have a pretty clear picture of 99% of the origins and insertion points in a human body. I read 2 good sugestions below:
1 Have clear statements/synopsis in the article. There already are some, humor pictures.
2 Make sure there comes a part with practical information on how to strengthen the inner unit. How to learn to properly coordinate it. And any other stuff nessacery to have a strong healthy core.

Good Stuff. Definately deep but important to establish a foundation if you are going to try and dispel “Old School” thought. I look forward to parts II & III. He has really piqued my curiosity reguarding this subject. I have always used a belt when lifting heavy but, maybe it is time for me to sacrifice my own sacred cow.

Well, I had to get out the anatomy book to realize he wasn’t talking about the bottom of the foot a couple of times, but it was pretty good! Seriously, it was an excellent article! The more I read of Chek the more impressed I am. I look forward to part 2, and how about getting him to write out one of his swiss ball routines? Just keep his articles coming no matter what they’re on!

Great article. Keep them coming.

Paul’s stuff is excellent but this article was a touch redundant IMO. Most of the t-mag readers probably have not been using a belt, in fact I personally haven’t used one for over five years. This article was a really long winded way of telling information that most of us already knew.

I think Paul Chek has some excellent stuff (I have a video of his from 91 or so and have followed him since then) but I’d like to see some more controversial articles from him.

Belts = bad, Paul Chek = good…

Guys on the Dr Squat forum are already referring his articles to people with questions about back injuries and what-not.

I think that the article was great. One thing, though–i’d be disappointed if the last article didn’t detail the practical applications of all the technical stuff.

Keep it up!