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Cheesesteak Eating Contest

Hey guys, I’m entering a cheesesteak eating contest February 7th. It’s just at my school so it’s anything big so I’m assuming most of us po’ kids are entering just to get a free meal. First prize is a Playstation2. I’m just wondering what you would suggest to train. I’m 6’0" 215 lbs and I eat a lot, fast. There’s two rounds. One starts with a bellyfiller (giant cheesesteak) and you eat as much as you can to move onto round 2. In round 2, they have multiple steaks chopped into like 2" pieces and you eat as many as you can. Obviously, I’m going to try to induce vomiting after the first round. Otherwise, how would you train? Eat a lot, then fast the day before? By the way, it’s at night, if that matters. Thanks

Oh boy, I don’t know if I should even give advice here. I will not take responsibility if you mess yourself up. :-0 The reigning hot dog eating champ (some guy from Japan…ate 50 hot dogs in 60 seconds) stretches his stomach out in the weeks before competition. How, you ask? Eating raw cabbage. You can eat a ton of cabbage without feeling full and it expands in your stomach, thus stretching it out. Seems kinda freaky though. This is for informational purposes only…there, said it. :slight_smile:

Or, you could be like “Lardass” in Stand By Me and eat a bunch and just barf all over everybody. :slight_smile: --Alex

If the sole issue is time, then the key strategy is to limit chewing as much as possible. This is purely psychological as you can swallow things without chewing them and still be perfectly safe. For the pros in the competitive eating circuit, the chewing is not a major factor, but the bread is mixed with water to facilitate it going down the esophagus.

i wouldn’t fast. i never seem to be able to eat as much on an empty stomach.

bump for Almond Joy’s response. This is only for informational purposes but you can expand your stomach lining by eating as much cabbage as possible. You can also use grapes as they go through your system relatively fast. I would suggest getting some good digestive enzymes for your ‘training weeks’ (I can’t believe I’m saying this!) to make sure that you don’t mess yourself up too much. Also drink as much water as possible in a single sitting to aid in the stretching of the stomach.
I take no responsibility for your personal actions…and GOOD LUCK and HAPPY TRAINING!

The guy from Japan that Almond Joy mentioned would dunk his bread into a cup of water before eating it. That way he wouldn’t have to chew it as long. You could probably do the same thing… although the thought of wet cheesteak is pretty nasty.

If you barf, is there a limit?

Actually, I just talked to one the people running it and she said that she would disqualify the people who threw up. She doesn’t want to turn it into something gross (as if eating as much as you can is not). I could cheat and get to a bathroom quick and stick my finger down my throat though. I am willing to do that, depending on the competition.

Lakona, what do you mean by digestive enzymes? I wouldn’t know where to look for them.

Just go to your local ‘health food’ store and ask them for some digestive enzymes. It’s that simple…they should have a few different brands on hand. I would suggest one that contains L.acidophilus and B.longum since they help maintain the natural balance of bacteria in your digestive tract.

Start eating a shitload of rice. Every noticed how even after you finish eating chinese food you continue to get more stuffed? The rice expands.