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What do you use cheeses for? How many types of cheese do you use? Any good cheese recipes? Anyone know where to buy cheese that's supposed to be higher in CLA than regular?


Clintpatty, are you cutting or bulking?Myself, I avoid cheese like the plague. It's the whole dairy thing and not wanting that soft look that comes with eating dairy. Of course I'm cutting. But even if I were bulking, my goal would be to put on LBM with as little FM as possible, which means I would probably avoid dairy when bulking as well.

Not that I wouldn't absolutely ADORE (and inhale, given the opportunity) a veggie cheese + bacon pizza on my Saturday Cheat Afternoon. (grin)



Isn't that whole dairy scheme just a bunch of hogwash? Sure, bodybuilders have avoided dairy like the plague during dieting, but they've done the same to fats! Yeah, these are the same knuckleheads that train with 15+ reps to "cut up." Puh-lease! (I'm obviously taking a golden opportunity to "vent" about some of the major flaws and myths in this game)

Patty, I know Coach Poliquin was quite fond of Provolone, but I'm not sure why.


does cottage cheese count :wink:
pre bed snack mmmmm


Shoot....I consider cottage cheese a staple in my diet whether cutting or bulking! Albeit, I might play around with the quantities I eat, I still include it in my everyday diet. I also eat a slice or two of fat-free cheese with a few P+F meals. I don't know, I need the added flavor with my lean beef...;o)


is cottage cheese the exception to the rule here?


3x, I don't think cottage cheese is the same as cheese.


"What do you use cheeses for?"

i use cheese to slap my salame!


I always eat cheese during cutting and seem to get very low in BF each time. I just use a certain mozarella which has about 0.1 carbs per 28g serving. I love cheese it makes the nasty foods taste really good. For instance i'll take Tuna add some udos choice oil, shred some mozarella into it and then heat up some mixed veggies and add them to the tuna. The veggies let the cheese melt and give it a much better taste.


clint- i was referring to cottage cheese as "dairy"....


How does dairy make you look bloated?


3x, I think the arguement against dairy is due to lactose, but I'm not sure about that. Cottage cheese is mostly food starch, not lactose.


Timbo, click on my hyperlinked name and then List All Posts and read my reply to Glute-Spanker in the thread "Diet Experts." Let me know what you think.


Cottage cheese is cheese.

For those worried about lactose, the higher the fat content, the lower the lactose content.I am fairly lactose intolerant, but find that I can eat the higher fat cheeses with little ill effects.

Too much cottage cheese, skim milk, cheap whey protein, and I am not pleasant to be around.


Tampa, you're a charm, and I really enjoy discussing these things with you!

I read the post, and, for the most part, I concur. I do agree that it's likely an individual matter, but I think foods like cottage cheese and cheese can be included by most, whilst yogurt and milk need be eliminated.

I disagree, though, with the statement that the liver is normally topped off with glycogen--except in the fasted and post-training states that you mentioned. The liver houses about 100g of glycogen, and, at rest, depletes at a rate of 5g per hour, with exercise and activity bumping up that rate. This is due to the fact that the liver is constantly supplying blood glucose.

Given the fact that most in these parts consume less than adequate dietary carbohydrate, I think this is just an over-stressed "rule" and tradition.

Great explanation of the physiology, though, TT! I really didn't know that about galactose as being fact!