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Cheeseburgers Are Healthy?


Cheeseburgers are good for the gut, say scientists this week, in sharp contrast to widespread belief that high fat foods can clog up the arteries.



Good for a nice BIG gut.

Moderation is key


Someone should take the staff reporter that linked the research stating that saturated fats can help with inflammation to " cheeseburgers are good for the gut" should be slapped upside his head with a Big Mac. Nice try though. I love a good cheeseburger but let's not kid ourselves.


I eat 2-3 lbs of supreme lean ground beef a week. How much freakin' more is it to throw a piece of cheese on it now and then!

If you're talkin' chain rest. bs, topped with bacon, mayo, and special sauce--yah, that's a problem.


i've been basing my diet on hamburgers, and cheesburgers for like 5 years now.
the thing is hamburger holds so much oil, i had never noticed that until i started getting the patty between 2 napkins and pressing down on it, and wow! some of you may know this but it was new to me.

and after i sent it through the ringer it just tasted so generic.
i've been using this canned beef it is preety good quick out of the can, only the gravy f**ks my stomach up, much to salty.
dieting is a very important part of the lifestyle, only so much trial and error involved espesially when powerlifting and cycling you can build up such a big appitite that wow i gain 80lbs on my bench in the last 2 years but hell that ain't all i've gained.
is there a better way?

yesterday i ate 1800cal. and about 190g's of protien 150g's of carbs and went almost lights out on the excersise bike. so what do i do give up? no. today i will probably throw some nuts and 2 cans of regular soda into the mix and finish my program. i am currently at 80min. of areobic and on my 4th week of 15 week program. i started at 208 i am now stuck at 195 ugly pounds.


I'm gonna have to say that you are the stupidest fucking person on this site. What kind of fucking diet is based off of hamburgers and soda? And yes, when you pat down hamburger buns or patties on napkins..YOU SEE GREASE!!!

"Dieting is a very important part of the lifestyle." Thank you Raul, did you also know that the sky is blue?

And about yesterday...1800 cals? Are you cutting? If not that makes you twice as stupid.

Stop posting stupid shit and hit your exercise bikes...And chug a couple of sodas while you're at it.


Just ingore the guy, he's posted some other real brilliant shit.


I've gained quite a bit of mass on my taco bell diet. Going to move to the Burger King diet next week. 5 year bulking program still going strong.



When I make my own, I throw two or three on one bun. It's all good.


This hurt just to read!


Please, for the love of God stop posting. Start reading and doing and then post when you get a clue.


You do realize that this means we may never hear from him again.


He really is quite entertaining. His beginner training program was just genius at work. 3-4 sets of 30-40 reps.



I'll have to look that one up. I'm always looking for the new cutting edge stuff.


well the sodas and nuts did the trick. i made it through my next 80min of arobics.
i've been through this before only always seems like i'm doing something wrong.
next week it will be 85min i am adding on 5min per week until i get to 120min.
i love cheesburgers.


Have you read a single article on this site?


I don't think he knows how to read.


raul stop posting your shitty arobic routine, cheeseburger diet and giving us updates on it all...we dont give a shit. And btw, why did you change your years-of-training in your profile from 7 to 5? Did you create a time machine without telling me? PLEASE RESPOND FOR ONCE AND DONT BE A PUSSY


yes, i have. and i cant wait for info on ordering the magazine T-Nation is going to be putting out as i am very into bodybuilding and nutrition.
only i hope that there is not little notes that say hey raul f***k of and die in it.



Come on you guys are getting sloppy.