Hey All. Currently, I’m on a cutting cycle, and was wondering if cheese (mozerella) would still be okay for me to take? Plain egg whites make me sick, so I have to add something to them. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks!

Mozzarella cheese can still be used, here is the nutrient break down on it:
Low moisture Part skim milk Mozzerella: 1oz
kcal-78 p-8 f-5 c-1<
60% of the fat is saturated

So if you only used 1 oz 2-2 times a day you would be ok, you could use .5 oz 4 times a day and it would still add plenty of flavor to your egg whites.

You could also try seasoning them with your favorite spices or add diced chicken to them which is what I do , the chicken will add a different texture and taste to them and it will give you more protein in the meal.

Yes cheese is ok to take, just make sure you know how much you’re eating. It’s easy to over consume calories when it comes to cheese. During my diet I had 28 grams of mozzarella cheese with my cottage cheese/udos choice oil/cucumber/veggie meals. It gave it that extra taste heh.

Well it’s Halloween time, so you want to hear something really sick? I hope your not eating. I drown my whites in a mountain of beautiful Splenda sweetner. Yep. I’m one wierd mofo. And what’s worse, I like it.

Lowfat Mozz. is the shit. The stuff I have: 3gF, 2gC, 8gP. Mix 2oz that shit in a couple scrambled eggs for breakfast, mighty tasty. (This whole ‘don’t cook the yolk’ movement be damned!) :wink:

Cheese is not going to destroy your meal here. Just be sure not to take in many carbs if you’re just going with the P+F meal here. Moderation is the key here as prolonged use of cheese would add up to high levels of saturated fat.

you really have to say what kind of diet your are on. on the anabolic diet i can eat string cheese all day long, but on other diets… its too bad about eggwhites, as they along with beef are best for preserving lbm (according to serrano- i dont believe alot of what he says but i tend to agree with this thing)

Those individually packaged mozzerella string cheeses are great for protein fat meals on the go or at school.