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Cheese Pizza or Steak for Life?


SO, the reason for this post is because this vegetarian that I work with was trying to argue with me that someone would be healthier and live longer if they ate cheese pizza the rest of their life as opposed to steaks. I tried to tell her that she was crazy because those are two of the things that you are supposed to avoid high levels of consumption together.

Her response was that 1, cheese has protein, which I tried to explain to her that the amount of protein in cheese is so small that it shouldn't even be considered. 2 she said that we would be missing out on all of the vitamins and mineral that a person needs. granted that could be a factor, but I have a hard time believing that a person would be better off eating cheese pizza over steaks for a long period of time.

Can someone either tell me that I'm way off in my assumptions or she is? In any case I honestly don't think this girl has freaking clue about nutrtion, and is just trying to justify the fact that she eats a bunch of carbs and fat since she is a broccoli head.


the protein from dairy products does have a lower bioavailability rating than the protein from a meat source like steak, so steak definitely wins in that respect


neither would be good at all, its like arguing whether you'd rather get kicked in the nuts or poked in the eye


that's not the argument though. the argument is about which one is better, not the best overall choice.


I gave up arguing with vegetarians a long time ago, just say "you're right" and move on.


Neither is "better" it is a dumb ass argument. She's a vegetarian. That tells you right away that using logic is pointless.




Apply to life, move on happily.


lol fair enough. I was actually able to find a break down of what typical nutrients are in each and steak wins as far as being "more complete/diverse" goes. I like the stateofpsychosis' solution, that's how I usually am, but the fact that other people were listenin to her spew bullshit made me upset, and I wanted her to shut up.


I think you need to nit pick the shit out of her question. What kind of cheese pizza? what kind of cheese and how much of it? Is it all I can eat or a set amount?, whole grain crust or regular crust. home made , natural, organic, store bought?. What cut of steak, raw or cooked and how is it cooked. grass feed or corn feed? etc.... I know eskimos used to eat mostly fat and protein only ( fish and mammal) and were pretty healthy and lived a decent life span until the white man started to give them all the carbs the could eat and then they got fat, developed heart disease, and diabeties. I don't know of any folks that eat only cheese pizza in history past. Well, if you include todays fatass generation. I would have to say Steak in my book due to its mineral, vitamin, fat, protein and general nutritional profile. Also what is the rest of ones life, one day or eighty years? Just a thought.


Just one more thought. Most vegan chicks I've met in my life had little tits, if she has big tits, agree with her and ask her out. Just a thought.


Philly cheese steak pizza.... Make it half cheese, half steak and stop arguing.


So she thinks cheese pizza is a perfect food...

See above ^


How many healthy looking vegetarians have you ever seen?


I've heard of people getting severe allergies from eating pizza all the time, ultimately making them chronically sick. This isn't to say it couldn't happen for steak, but I've never heard of it.


LOL...as if she'll say, "Oops, I fucked up being a vegetarian since you proved my pizza theory wrong".

I honestly think most vegetarians are vegetarians just so they can feel superior in some way to other people.....even though no one is impressed.


asks which she'd rather have in her pooper


Like people that drive Hybrid cars.


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Did you tell her about the tube steak?