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Cheese, Clean Food or No?


Hi, I was just woundering if cheese was a "good" or "clean" food?

I usually eat 18%-21% fat % cheese.

for a 30g serving you would have : 5g of fat and 9g of protein, 0g of carbs. there are trans fat in there tho... like 0.4g I think.

Is that good?

Let's say I had to choose between 90g of cheese or 1 scoop of whey protein. What would be the best option?


Think of the calorie difference between a serving of whey and that much cheese, if it's acceptable in your diet then it should be fine.

Also I believe that the trans fatty acids in cheese and other animal products (vaccenic) are different from the synthesized ones (elaidic) made from olive oil; I am not sure of the difference however.


The problem with the term "clean" is that every person will give you a different definition to what it means. To one person, a whole egg could be considered dirty while whole wheat bread would be considered clean. To another person, bacon would be considered clean while potatoes dirty. You get the point.


Is it true or myth dairy/cheese makes you soft?

I am female, adapting to a keto diet and relying a lot on cheese so I am curious.


Why on earth would you have to choose between the two?

Do you go to make a meal and say "Hmmm, what's it gonna be 90g of cheese or a serving of whey?" LOL I hope not, anyways everything in moderation is fine. If it fits your macronutrient allotment there shouldn't be any harm.


I don't exactly avoid dairy while I'm in contest prep, although my macro goals generally don't allow very much.

I think in general you should strive for a balance of healthy fats, get plenty of nuts/nut-butters, egg yolks, fish oil, and red meat and you should be A-okay.


I have successfully introduced organ meat and I love it. Also quails eggs.

I was also told some types of cheese release/affect positively brain chemistry before bed.
I had them on an empty stomach with raw vegetables and had nice dreams and a restful sleep. Whether placebo effect or fact, I don't know about that.