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Cheese and Dieting


so ive been reading about a lot of people complaining about how dairy is bad for dieting, and i was wondering if i should be worried about cheese.

this is important to me since im trying to go low carb and im finding that ive been eating a lot of it. if it is a problem, any alternatives for this kind of diet?



How much cheese are you eating?


How much is a lot? If you are just eating a serving a day you should be fine. Try to stick with the low fat cheeses if your worried about the extra calories. And it also depends on what your goals are.


My brother eats a lot more cheese than I do and he is way leaner than me. I don't know if it would affect contest prep conditioning (never experienced it first hand), but for regular people, cheese is good.


people who say dairy is bad for dieting don't know what the fuck they're talking about. cheese (and milk for that matter) is great so long as it fits into your daily calories/macros.


If you're on a low carb diet, you shouldn't be eating low fat cheese. The fat in cheese can be utilized as energy.

OP, I've been on and have had success with all different types of low carb diets, most recently a strict keto. Cheese is always a staple of my low carb diets, it's high in fat and protein, both of which one needs when going very low carb.


do you know what the definition of "diet" is (when used in this context)? what good is going low carb if you simply replace those calories with fat?

Yes, while it's true that the fat in cheese can be utilized as energy on a low carb diet, the point of a diets isn't to use dietary fat for energy; the point is to use BODYFAT as energy.


i usually eat about 3-4 servings of it a day

and i usually buy like semi-lowfat cheeses beacuse i do understand that you need fat


does not matter...cheese is an excellent source of protein. higher than average sodium is about the only thing that is of concern and even that is nit-picking unless you are in contest prep.

you don't need fat...you need a deficit and depending on your particular hormonal response to different foods and your will power, fat may provide an easier to handle cut (satiety etc)
but in the end, all you really need is a deficit.


I never said to replace carbohydrate calories with those from fat. I simply am under the impression that while on a already kcal restricted diet, a higher amount of fat would equal an even lower amount of carbohydrates, assuming protein stays the same. If the OP needs X grams of fat a day, why not use cheese as a source?




speaking only from my own experience, I always found keeping cheese to 1-2 servings/day max when dieting helped, even with relatively constant macros. I'd rather eat some tuna/almonds anyways. Honestly though its probably not a big deal. Dont go crazy on the cheese, keep a good deficit, and bust your ass in the gym and you'll be fine.


What would a good keto diet look like? When one goes without carbs do veggies count?


I'm not sure what you mean by this, can you clarify?