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Cheers and Jeers


Cheers: Just had a McDonald's "Angus Third Pounder". Good taste, a little messy, but very filling (and tasty).

Jeers: The Chevy Cobalt is THE most un-fucking comfortable piece of shit vehicle made in the past 20 years. I'm stuck with a rental for a couple weeks. If you have ANY size to you, and anything more than toothpicks for quads, you will find this car amazingly uncomfortable. Plus, it has a WICKED under-steering problem. GM deserves its bankruptcy.

Got a 'cheer' and a 'jeer'?


Cheers: I had my first real heavy legs lifting session today since breaking my ankle and it felt great.

Jeers: its a saturday and i currently have nothing to do tonight.


Cheers: Local beer store has started selling one of my favorite import beers....Victory Prima Pils

Jeers: Going to a birthday party tonight and can't drink and I'm driving a bunch of people. Sucks


Cheers: Sauteed vegetables

Jeers: the movie District 9


Cheers: Another day closer to 9/15. And I'm about to house a bacon cheeseburger pizza.

Jeers: Fuck you IRS for moving up the extended partnership deadline from 10/15 to 9/15. Fuck you. I worked like 55 hours this week and it really fucks up my gains.


Wow, I have a 2006 Cobalt SS/SC and I love it. God, I suck. Jeers to me:(

Just ate home made burgers, with mushrooms as rigatoni. So cheers.


Cheers: Hungry knows how to cook. I am shocked

Jeers: I'm running out of Orange Juice....

Double Cheers: There's a Rocky Marathon on Spike TV! Yes!


Cheers-Pat's win in preseason, yesterday. Good game
Jeers-Wanna be British football Hooligans attempting to ruin local soccer match and annoy you at the local bar after said. We are not in Fucking England!

Personal bonus cheers-One of My best friends/ girlfriend moved 300 miles away, the only time we can be intimate is on the phone, it's fun......and she calling tonight:)

War-Mike Forbes


Cheers: I finally got it knocked into my head on Thursday that I need to eat more carbs, and I feel great. Also I have a new gym and it is awesome and I'm finally in a great situation to make all the gains I want to.

Jeers: I am teetotaling for the first time in years and I'm really constipated. Funny but uncomfortable.


You must be married, because girls don't poop until they are married.


Cheers: Apples to Apples, booze, iron and Inglorious Basterds.

Jeers: Republicans, money


Cheers: Brownies

Jeers: they're bad for you


Cheers: sample sale at Diesel today, 2 pairs of jeans for 99$
Jeers: got nothing, retail therapy cures all some days

oh and cheers because I squat tomorrow morning and plan on kicking ass


They don't fart either.


Cheers: Megan Fox

Jeers: Diana Ross w no make-up


Jeers: Diana Ross With Make-up


NOW This Cheer is seasonal because its Maryland and we get nice breezes in the fall.

Cheer: Cool windy days & Women with short skirts.

Jeers: Women in skirts with stockings (just feel like I'm being jipped)


Jeers: Bombing at a PL meet
Cheers: starting to eat up the the next weight class the same night at the Mandarin
Xtra Cheers: Friends that call long distance to verbally kick you up the ass for bombing
Jeers: Same friend telling you about their new Diesel jeans

Luv ya D.


cheers: watching deer hunter

jeers: dragging a sled ....my legs feel like nooodles


Cheers: Woke up with my wonderful husband of 16 days this morning after a night apart. Got out of bed early enough to make huckleberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast. What? It's Sunday! Also had enough time to get a 5.6 lb sirloin roast into the crockpot, along with Italian marinade and sweet peppers. MMMM Italian beef. One of the few things I miss about Chicago. Oh, more cheer, HE did the dishes!!! And tomorrow is leg night..I LOVE leg night!

Jeers: I had to be to work by noon today. It was hard to leave home....