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Checking Turinabol Isn't Dianabol

Hey all,

18 months ago some of you recommended Turinabol to aid in strength and recovery gains for a cyclist.

Last thing I want is to gain a boat load of weight- is there anyway of checking a bunch of UGL pills are actually Turinabol? I’ve read its often sold and is actually just Dianabol?

Also- does anyone know- does Turinabol aromatase?

Turinabol should not aromatase. That is one way of telling, but it could also be winny, or fake or underdosed. Lots of things to be concerned with if using UGL.

You can buy kits online to test the tablets. You can also send them to certain labs to have them tested (this will tell you compound and qty of that compound), and isn’t much more expensive than the online tests.

Not trying to derail your thread but i’m a cyclist as well and i’ve found sarms like GW501516 and MK2866 to be much more beneficial for aerobic capacity, sustained power output without lactic buildup and recovery that AAS.They are also not as suppressive and i’ve seen improvements even in caloric deficit. Just something to consider.

I’m on TRT so suppression isn’t an issue.

I’m assuming that makes sarms redundant? Are they what used to be known as steroid precursors? Literally know nothing about then other than some of the threads of people seeking TRT saying SARMs screwed up their production.

Most of them were developed for people with muscle wasting diseases. I’ve never experienced suppression on sarms. I think if they are abused like anything else your gonna run into issues. There are also a lot of fake sarms out there so who knows if people that are having issues were taking sarms or some prohormone. I was just throwing it out there as an alternative. I typically would use them during a big training block to improve vo2 and w/kg. Worked great.

Presuming you weren’t on T at the time?

No, not then. I am on TRT now. I’ve had low T for years but had bloods done around sarms use and levels never dipped. I run sarms at conservative levels. Tend to be a less is more guy. I have just found that sarms are better for aerobic type work where obviously aas are better for building muscle. Sarms like GW can also help on cycle with aerobic capacity. I pretty much run it every cycle.

Having just read about its association with rapidly growing cancer I’ll be staring clear of that. Thanks though

Honest answer: if you have doubts then it means the lab you’re buying from doesn’t have testing available, which means caveat emptor. I’ve never had doubts that what I was buying was what was being sold to me. There’s a reason for that.

That study was done givin rats a very high dosage for extended periods. No links to any issues in humans.

I’m not getting into this again because I don’t have the energy anymore, but what you said is absolutely not true. And for the record, the reason they lack links to human cancer is because no pharma company on the entire plant was willing to proceed with any trials once they saw the data. It is an unsafe drug, full stop.


Thats what my reading led me to believe within 5 minutes.

In the UK you don’t buy from a lab. You buy from a guy who knows a guy- its why we differ in our opinion about safety etc

Have you considered moving into the online space instead of doing things the way you currently are? In other words, what’s the upside of doing it the way it was done long ago? I’m not at all familiar with the laws of U.K., so I’m totally ignorant of what that whole environment looks like.

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Trouble with that is I dont know what online suppliers are legit able to provide proper stuff and whats some guy who is good at making websites and selling caffeine pills in labelled jars. Injecting or swallowing some stuff I’ve ordered off the internet doesn’t sit very well with me at the minute.

I’ve only ever bought some UGL stuff from a guy who owns a “supplements shop”. Looking at the dust on the protein and creatine tubs im pretty sure he’s never sold an actual supplement in his life lol. He was recommended by a mate who is a personal trainer and lots of gym heads around here go to see him.

Thats my entire experience of buying anything like that- oh and some clenbuterol about 15 years ago from a guy at the gym.

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Gotcha. Well the online world is full of hucksters, but the amount of quality stuff that’s available at reasonable prices is astounding. It just requires some leg work.