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Checking Test Levels After 6-Week Break. Expect Crash?


I am looking for some advice. I experienced high BP which is currently under review / being managed.

I had been using 250 of test E weekly for a number years and feeling great. Due to ongoing blood work at the doctors I haven’t pinned in nearly six weeks with no PCT.

After six weeks, should I have completely crashed? I have a test reading of 9.29nmol/L which is at the low end. But within range.

I have been self prescribing, but looking to get more bloodwork done / go private. I am from England UK.

A little more. I am 37 and would ideally like a TRT prescription.

Your injected test at that dose should be completely out of your system so that reading should be all natty test.

There are ways to further crash your natty test…like injecting a Nandrolone, crash dieting, not sleeping.

I would wait for others to chime in on smarter ways to do that though.

Many thanks for the reply, I have blasted and cruised for past 5 years. But my High BP made me go cold turkey as I got worried about it.

So in theory if I did a PCT I could get an improvement on my natty test levels?

Since not running any test my strength has dropped and I am not recovering as quick.

I felt I operated better on test.

If you’re not going right back on any time soon then yes, you should consider pct. If your goal is to get back in but through a doctor then you can stay the course and see what blood work says.

That 9.29 reading on your test proves that that body wants to go right back to homeostasis ASAP after a cycle.

Great natural recovery, gives me true hope.