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Checking Second Cycle EQ + Enth

Hey all, just about to begin second cycle in a week or so (first ending oct 11). Didnt have a great first cycle, first source gave bunk/severely underdosed gear, second source did better, but only did one vial of enth at the end so ended up with mild gains. No infections or anything at least from the first guy.

Am looking to run 12 weeks of 500mg enth and 500mg EQ twice weekly, plus a vial of prop to kickstart, probably run at 50-75mg eod.

Have HCG to run throughout, 250um eod and adex at .3mg eod and plenty of Nolva and Clomid for PCT which will be standard.

Looking good?


No love anyone?

Most useless forums on the internet! Two days 50 views and no one has anything to say?

I can only assume it means everything is ok, because if there was something wrong there would be plenty of flames and comments that serve no purpose other than to stoke the egos of the self-righteous and self-appointed ‘gurus’ on here, who feel it is their solemn duty to point out that everything is wrong, rarely say anything useful, and can’t be bothered at all with anything that appears right.

It’s a pity, this forum was pretty good in years past.

hey guy.
These “gurus” get bombarded by the same questions over and over, so they are probably a little reluctant to answer it again.
Most questions you have can be answered in the stickies.

I’ll attempt to answer the questions you posed, but I’m no “guru”.

12 week cycle, that’s cool. It being your 2nd cycle at such doses, maybe 10 weeks would be sufficient.

500mg test and 500mg EQ? Sure why not. Looks good, but I would shoot at least every third day. You will find that doing 2 grams per week can prove to be a pain the ass. I would say 500mg of each per week…rather then 1000mg. There really is no need for that much gear on your 2nd cycle given you are still “virgin” to it.

Test/EQ good combo…you will get hungry as fck. But seriously consider lower doses, and if you don’t, pay close attention to steps you take to combat estrogen.

hope that helped a little.

once again no need for 2 grams of gear per week. You WILL start running into some complex side effects.

Thanks for the reply, 1g a week was a typo, 250mg twice weekly for a total of 500mg a week of each, so exactly what you recommend.

Again thanks, its good to have someone with a little more experience give the nod before starting