Checking out T Nation/ Darden

For so many years I’ve felt Dr Dardens high intensity training site to be the best so I never felt the need to visit many other muscle building sites on the internet. When Dr. Darden shut down his other forum of some 20 years I found I had to follow where he went to get my daily Darden fix, ha ha! I had heard of T Nation but the connotations of the name Testosterone made me think it was a site devoted to jacking up your testosterone with drugs to get big. Tonight I actually went to the home page and went through the menu and I can see that doesn’t appear to be the case. So far the best thing going for this site that I saw ( aside from the fact that Darden in now here) is the impressive list of authors who contribute. As I consider myself a very objective person I’m anxious to check out some of these authors who I’ve never heard of and give this site a fair chance. You guys are lucky to have Dr. Darden here, he’s the best!