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Checking In and Programming Questions


Ahoy Coach!

You always offer sensible advice so I have a couple questions.

Usually after practicing the lifts and working in squats, adding more volume seems to just eat into recovery. Yet hypertrophy seems to be as large of a priority as my classical lifts.

At the moment, I'm running my programming as follows for the first month of my three month cycle:

Day 1: Snatch focus
Front Squat- Patient Lifter Russian Squat program
Snatch complex - RDL+High Pull+Hang Snatch (1+1+1) x6,x5,x4,x3 on 4th week
Muscle snatch - 4x6

Day 2: Jerk focus
Front Squat- Patient Lifter Russian Squat program
Jerk complex- P. Press+P. Jerk+Jerk (1+1+1)x6,x5,x4,x3 on 4th week
Muscle cleans- 4x6

Day 3: Clean focus
Front Squat- Patient Lifter Russian Squat program
P. Clean 5x3->4x3->5x2->4x2
Clean Pulls- 8/6/4 wave loading for hypertrophy

What changes would you make/areas do you see that would cause problems?
Would adding carries at the end be a way to get in more work with less strain?

I couldn't deduce a solid way of implementing
into an Olympic weightlifting routine, using Hypertrophy/Strength/Strength speed as my pendulums. If you have any brief examples on that I'd be excited to see.

As for the check in, just had my first competition; weighed in at 66.5kg :cry:, 173kg Total with a 80kg Snatch and a 93kg Clean and Jerk.

Thanks for all your advice, previous and future, as it's been fruitful and much appreciated!