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Checking In and A Few Questions

Been awhile Coach. Hope you’re doing well.

To the point.
I was supposed to do a meet May 21, but it was wait listed so I did a mock meet on my own.

Summary since last post:
Snatch: increased 15lbs in about 3 months
Clean & Jerk: increased 30lbs in about 3 months
Bodyweight: 154.6#; increase of 7# in about 3 months

165# - Good lift; PR
175#- So-so lift, could have been better; PR
180#- Didn’t commit and I had it. It’s there though.

Clean & Jerk:
195#- Previous PR
205#- PR; Wind blew phone over so all I got was a recording of the ground. First world problems.


I seem to catch cleans fine at lower weights, say 185#, but for example, the 195, I caught rather far forward on my toes. I feel as though I’m lacking power in my final extension, which I think can be due to still strengthening and loosening up my hip flexors.

On the snatch, I lose my lower back position around the last 4 inches. I think this is due to tight hips as well as lack of gluteal control, though this is slowly improving.

However, I can assume a solid deep front squat with an upright torso, and the same for the snatch, when the weight is lighter.

-I was thinking of adding drop snatches, in order to practice catching in a proper position as well as build some more overhead strength, and just getting in more work with heavier cleans from the hang to clean up that portion of the pull.

-Jerk related, it needs a lot of work; however, when I start doing lots of jerks my shoulders start to bother me, particularly my pec minor/shoulder tie-in. It’s odd, because sometimes my shoulders feel great and I can close grip overhead squat heavy weights, and other days they feel tight and pissed off. At the moment I’m attributing this to my shoulder structure getting accustomed to hoisting weights far heavier than what I have been in the past.

If you have the time, I’d appreciate your feedback. It’s always invaluable!


In the snatch you catch it a little forward too. I think that in both cases it is mostly because you stop pulling on the barbell when you move down. This is what is called “pull and prey” (pull and prey that it falls in the right place).

As long as the bar is not racked you are exerting force against it with your arms.

In the clean as you move down you are pulling against the bar to bring it toward you… imagine trying to row through your neck.

In the snatch as you move down you must press the barbell up as explosively as possible… imagine punching the ceiling. This will keep control of the bar, allow you to place it and will actually keep it accelerating up as you are moving down.

Much appreciated Coach. I’ll get to work on it.