Checking in AAS

How is everyone doing. It’s been a couple years almost but wanted to check in and see how many old school people are here! Also site is different I hope this is in right spot


How is your physique coming along?

I feel older than old school. I might qualify as “old school.” I started lifting weights when only two football players at NC State University lifted weights.


Magnificent. Although my doctors have recommended I stop the GH. So as painful as it is I stopped. After a few years of consistent use in relatively high to high doses. I believe it has served its purpose. I have achieved my physique goals on paper multiple times over, in the mirror there is no such thing as finished or complete…

I won’t miss the BID or TID subQ shots. But I do miss the feeling it gave me. I’m 33yrs old now. Iv been on a pretty heavy blast and cruise regiment the past handful of years, at least heavy in terms of a hobby body builder. My biggest regret is not blogging and documenting it better as I fell off from doing so a while ago. I do have a notebook where I have all my cycles documented detailing cycle and doses,side effects, blood work, and what I was trying to accomplish and if I was able to do so. Hands down the biggest constant fight was battling water retention. It wasn’t an issue per say as I stayed on a very disciplined diet, cut out alcohol (although I do occasionally use some GHB), and already being a picky eater I found myself eating meet beans and rice for lunch and dinner.

Anyways I’m looking forward to the next couple of years. Im gonna just be cruising ony 250 a week test and proviron. I plan on devouring foods I haven’t ate in half a decade and giving my psyche a rest from the tren and daily battle not to rail random fat chicks.