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Checking for Steroid w/ Drug Tests

Are any steroids tested for with employers and if so how long would it take Dbol and anadrol 50 to be out of your system?

From reading the forums here and hearing this question before, I heard that it was not tested for. Also, the article on the three cops who were taking steroids were also tested, but not tested for steroids. I would have to go with a no.

but for the record if they are the only comounds you have taken then you deserve to get caught

For Dianabol, it’s about 5 weeks.

For Anadrol, it’s about 2 months.

OP, you’re not exactly new here and I’m almost sure you’ve read plenty of posts about proper cycles. You should know better.

This topic has been beaten to death. We have all said over and over if it is a pre employment drug screen etc. no they will not test for AAS. If they have reason for suspicion then maybe but not even very likely. These tests are very costly and as much as they dont like to admit it finding out a person is on AAS is no where near detrimental to workplace safety as finding out they use Cocaine etc.

TY TY and no they are not the only compounds Test E 500mg week 9 weeks cycle cut short Taper