Checking Credintials: Coach Davies or other coaches please respond.

Kay here is the question. I live in Alabama. There is a training facility here. It is called Sports Medicine and Fitness Institute. It is run by Coach Russell Polhemus. Ever heard of this guy. He has a website Check it out and let me know what you think. A colleague of mine spoke to him and said that he has a patent on his way of training. Can someone really do this? Thanks for any responses.


I coach track and field among other thing. I saw nothing on this sight that would tell me anything good or bad about this companies training methodologies for running/sprinting coaching.

I agree with the other poster. He doesn’t have anything on the web site talking of training. The athletes of the month seem to have been untrained individuals to start with. Are you thinking of training at this place or are you just wondering about him? If you live in the area just call him up and set up and appointment to observe a workout. Make sure he isn’t trying to charge you either.

Well me and my boss(we are managers of a gym and personal trainers) went down to a city close by to check out some other training facilites to get some ideas to incorporate into our gym. Well we talked to the guy (owner). He said he could not show us around due to the fact he was so booked…he then said his creditinals were on the website…we asked him if he or his staff were certified or had education in the exercise physiology background…he got a little offended and said he trains his staff and that education isn’t everything (which can be true to a degree, but it does lay a good foundation). He then went on to say he has had several people try to steal his training program and that he sued them and won. He was not very friendly and kind of skeptical. So I really dunno, I just wanted some ideas and to look at his training facility. He also will not let anyone view his training methods. Thanks for all who responded…if anyone else has any thoughts or clue as too who this guy his please let me know…thanks again for all who responded and continue to respond.

That is really weird he was so rude about accomidating (sp) you. Usually strength coaches are more than helpful, they don’t have anything to hide so why not help out? Everyone starts somewhere and always looks for ways to improve. Now that you start talking about him more, his biography on his site is pretty sketchy. Saying he has trained hundreds of all these great athletes, but doesn’t list any names. Really, if you worked at a university for a year as a strength coach, you would train hundreds of collegiate athletes. It also seems he has put some stuff on there about highschool, i.e. winning state championships. I guess I don’t want to pass judgement, but I have never heard of him before, or read anything he has written. He needs to be careful so he doesn’t offend people and get a bad reputation.

I do not know this coach and really cannot comment on his skills in any manner. It is unfortunate that he doesn’t wish to assist you. Possibly the greatest gift of coaching is the ability to help others and it is certainly his loss. If I can be of any assistance, feel free to contact me personally. In faith, Coach Davies

For starters thanks again to all who responded. Coach Davies I am the guy who asked about increasing vertical jump. Sorry I never posted my workout, but I have been swamped at work and outside of work. I am new into the training industry and have been doing a ton of newsletters and adverstising trying to get my name out. I used several exercises you recommend and also I used some exercises from “white men can’t jump” article. Anyways I just wanted to let you know how it is going. Not good really. The kid does not use a weight that challenges himself I feel in the exercises. He is over zealous and wants me to add more exercises. The thing is if he worked out harder it would be enough. I really want him to do good so I can use him as a success story, but I really do not have alot of free time. By the way I just wrote a workout plan up and took him through the exercises. When I am in the gym I try to keep my eye on him. Anyways, I picked up 4 potential first clients today and am still behind in doing two diets for some people. Anyways I definitely would like to be in contact with you. I am going to be training some 9 year olds for conditioning for baseball and just plain old conditioning. I would like to email you my workout plan and you critize it if you have some free time, I wish almost you could charge me, because I sometimes get tired of giving all my hard earned knowledge away. I mean I love my job, but I have to make a living and I am still living with mom and pop. I am just at this gym building up reference and experience. Anyways yes I would like to be in contact with you. How may I do this? I would be willing to send you some of the little money I have lol. An additional note I meet a man who is an orthopedic sports medicine doctor and works with dukes basketball team. He said he would let me kinda of do an internship with him. You think this sounds pretty good? I would do it like once a week/or two weeks. Hope to hear from ya soon. Sincerely Thank You. Robert

How can he have a patent on his way if Joe Weider has patents on everything?

I second (or third) the comments made here about this gentleman sounding fishy. It seems to me most coaches are more than happy to share their thoughts with others on training. As an example, I e-mailed Coach Jay Schroeder (Adam Archuleta’s strength coach featured on ESPN last year around draft time) out of the blue… he ended up e-mailing me his cell phone number and chatting about training for an hour or so on a Sunday while he and his wife were new car shopping. I kind of felt bad for his wife, but it really shows the sort of passion most top level strength trainers have for what they do and how much they love passing that knowledge on.

where did you find Jay Schroeders email? I have been looking for a way to contact him for a while now.

Just send me an email and please make sure you note on the subject your forum “name”. This sounds crazy but I get between 400-600 emails daily and a lot have to do with vertical jumping. It will be an honor to help you in your career. In faith, Coach Davies