On the subject of certifications, degrees etc, has anyone been involved with Paul Check? Looks good. Big on proprioception biomech & core strength. Got this site from his site
This degree Human Movement is a good base & offers extras at a discount like ASCA strength & cond. It will get me a job, but im not interested in sport planning, psychology. Im mad keen on physiology, but there only so many jobs, and so little time to pay back HECS fees by the time i get out. Athletes & rehab are where its at for me.

I agree that Paul Chek offers a fantastic certification. No doubt in my mind that I would come away with a ton of new information. There are a few advanced certifications and mentorships that I’m considering and Paul Chek’s would be my second choice as of now. Depending on other considerations in my life, I would first want to pursue Coach Davies Renegade Mentorship program.