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Check Your PM's


Check your PM's, as in private messages, not PMS.
I just found out that I had 4 PM's, some of them from months ago, and never really noticed.
So, just remembering you guys to check them every now and then.


A little notification icon would still be great, Matt.


Yeah, it was asked for when they changed the site but never came to fruition. I go days without noticing a PM as well.


New Messages: 0

Insert forever alone pic here


I don't seem to get email notifications either, only from a MOD.




Yep. I was one of those complainers, and was assured a change would be made.


I mean I'm too busy enough with my job to take on another daunting task... like making the effort to click under my hub heading to see if there are any PMs awaiting.


The last time I got a pm I got a email telling me I did but I also noticed I had another that was a few months old but didn't get a email for that one, confused.


I delete my inbox and sent items pretty regularly, but sometimes I'll have a dozen or more sent items show back up again.


Juat do what I do....

And never get any PM's.

Problem solved :slight_smile: lol


Hahaha just kidding.... I just checked and I had a PM


I always check for PM's.

It's another reminder that I'm alive.


And it wasn't me this time! Hooraay for Greg!


Way to get my hopes up, New Messages: 0



I bet T-vixens don't have the "Empty Inbox" problem you guys have.


I never get PMs



Thats the last time I'm sending you nakes!


Uh... you smell?


But but but but.....

Damn you guy-that-designed-T NATION's-current-site!!!!


I promise I shower at least once a false rapture-prophecy