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Check Up

Is there a way i can go to my doctor if i am not sick and ask for a check up? See what shape my liver and kidneys are in? I just want to see since i have taken accutane, drink once in a while, and all the other shit how good or bad of shape these things are. Thanks in advance.


I took accutance for 6 months several years ago, and my doctor had me take a blood test before he prescribed it, and then once a month for 8 months (the entire course of treatment plus 2 additional months to ensure that everything was ok). I would have hoped that your doctor did the same since accutane has the potential to be very toxic in some people’s livers.

I also think that you should be able to get a blood test covered by your insurance if your doctor authorizes it, just like most other medical tests.

You need to get a complete “blood profile”. Tell your doctor and he will sign you up for one.

Yes, it’s easy just ask the doctor. Zeb is correct. A complete blood profile will check live and kidney function. However, if you want to know what your t levels are, that’s an extra. I always have them check that too!

Full blood tests like that are not real expensive either. It’s a good idea, better to know than assume you’re fine.

How much does a blood/kidney/liver/testosterone check-up cost?